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The Time It Snowed in Ehime-ken

Written on: Sunday January 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: The Japan Story

Foreigner Version:

"It snowed a bit in Niihama and Shikoku-chuo City area"

Japanese Version:

"URGENT, URGENT, URGENT.....Our beloved Ehime-ken prefecture has been viciously hit with a blizzard of porportions never before experienced. Last night, the Niihama and Shikoku-chuo City area was crippled with a seemingly never ending supply of snow. Major arteries were crippled, forcing drivers to simply abandon their cars in the middle of the road for fears of not being able to control the sturdy Japanese vehicles on the treacherous roads. Many loyal businesses were almost immediately sold out of 'Tire Chains' as the very few brave country men to dare the roads were in need of the precious Sumitomo supplied metal resource. Those who did attempt to travel reported that the normal one hour trip took anywhere from 8 to 16 hours depending on who you ask. The snow continued well into the night, making most aspects of society nearly impossible. It is only with the amazing courage and determination of the Japanese society that we were able to quickly recover from this epic attack from mother nature. Japanese municpal government is reportedly looking into China's involvement in this evening of hardship and Japanese determination.