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Both of my Japanese teachers

Kaji-san and me

Onishi-san and me

Onishi's house

Me following her.......repeated many times throughout the stay

Taking the dog for a walk

Apparently her husband is just learning ballroom dancing and this is his weekly class.......they wanted me to see

The main tatami room

The main tatami room with praying alter

Food spread

After getting loaded, they decided we should wake up at 6:00 AM the next morning so her husband could take me to see the mountains nearby.......What I thought would be an early morning car ride was actually a two hour hike

Her husband took me to meet his friends while we we're hiking......absolutely no English

Me tired and hungover

Using an electronic dictionary so he could say something to me.............absolutely no English

Me and Onishi at Kewanoe Castle

Kewanoe Castle



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