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Hiroshima/Miyajima Trip Photos

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This is a team captain addressing her team of fellow ten year olds after a loss.......all of them are crying and she's thanking them for a season well done

Zoom in of someone crying during the passionate speech

The team as a whole crying and listening to their captain cry and tell them how great the season was

Hiroshima Castle

Taiko drum in Hiroshima Castle

A shot down the outer wall of the Hiroshima Castle

City center park

The Hiroshima Tower in what remains of the original Castle area

View from the top of the tower

Another shot from the top

Yet another shot from the top

Awesome..........Samurai stuff

Me playing dress up

Me playing dress up and apparently looking coy/sexy

Me trying to dress up and take a photo of myself while not trying to look like a loser

Hiroshima Tower

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