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Hiroshima/Miyajima Trip Photos

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A nice view of the surrounding islands

A random shot of the landscape


This was funny because right after I took this photo they started shaking this tree like crazy.......and then they got mad at each other and starting fighting

The shrine at the top of the mountain

A poster of warships.......I thought it was cool because they usually take care in hiding anything that might be considered military advertisting

A huge Pagota

My friend the deer

A huge building beside the Pagota

The large wicked building

Me trying to take a photo of the inside of the large wicked building

My attempting at really wicked picture taking.......tree in the foreground and Pagota in the background......breath taking I know

This is a great example of Japanese TV.........a huge children's team three legged race tournament

The athletes

Team Red vs. Team Blue

The non-winners crying on the field while a camera crew zooms in on them

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