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Taiko Festival Photos


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A few Taiko's heading out of the school yard

At night in Aeon Mall parking lot, outside of NOVA, they carry the Taiko's in and put on a little show

Taiko show AEON style

Taiko in AEON

Taiko in AEON

Taiko show in AEON

Taiko's again

Taiko's again........the things way like 2 tons

A nice close up shot of the Taiko team carrying the Taiko.....the guys on top shout out commands for when to lift and when to move.....the also get really wicked whistles


The once majestic NOVA staff offices.......the signs of bankruptcy already showing with the lack of staff inside of it

The boss in the office, James.....also goes by Gary

The second day, the Taiko's all go to Yamane Park in south Niihama for a giant show.......heres some of the teams getting ready as we walk down to the park

Team getting psyched

Taiko team close up

Yamane Park crowd........it was unbelievable how many people were there........that whole side of the hill was covered



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