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Last day in Asia (for now)

Written on: Tuesday April 29th, 2008

A journal entry from: Asia 08

IM in Bangkok right now - on the last day of my trip.  Its a sad day, but its also the begining of the best time of year back home.  After Phnom Penh I headed south to the bottom of Cambodia where the sand and water lies.  There were some amazing beaches  - the best Ive seen in my life.  Hopped a few islands and got real comfy in some hammocks.  Sihanoukville is the beach town of Cambodia and there are plenty of beaches.  Some are clean and amazing to swim in, a few are not quite so clean.  Also watch out for jellyfish in the water - there seems to be no warning but they are there!  After SinVille headed to KohChang themost South eastern Thai island.  It was very cool and laid back but a huge change from the last countries.   Bangkok the 2nd time around was wild.  Took many trips outside the regular backpacker areas and headed to the weekend market.  this massive market has anything you can image for sale there.  There are some unique stalls and the art section (if you can find it) is the best for showcasing local talents.  THe end of this trip has come and its been a great one.  As for my name on this journal - treadsoftly.  I tried, but flying, driving, busing and all that has left a huge footprint of mine and I feel that I didn't do this name any justice.  I tried to cycle as much possible within cities, but its not quite enough. Huge props to people who travel with bikes around the world (met 2 such folks)  and next time Ill travel with more of the intention of keeping my eco - footprint small.