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Meghan the Tourist in and around Cape Town

Written on: Friday June 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: South Africa

Tuesday was my first real on my own touristy type day.

I visited the waterfront. I was going to take the boat to Robben Island to get a tour of the prison where Nelson Mandela was kept but it was booked up. Instead I visited the aquarium, walked through the small craft market, had a nice fish and chip lunch.

I will be back to visit the waterfront, hopefully next week.

Wednesday Anja and I took the train to Simons Town (Navy Town). We saw Penguins in the wild (this particular place is one of the few places in the cape that you'll see wild penguins. We had a fish and chip lunch at the local restaurant, they were delicious. The only down fall was the lack of tartar sauce (but I survived) :D

Thursday Anja dropped me downtown and I wandered in and out of museums in the rain. I visited the Castle (very old and beautiful), The Distric Six Museum (This particular museum represets all those colored ppl who lived in that area. Out of the blue the government decided that District 6 was to going to be converted so that only white ppl could live there. So all the colored/black ppl who called it home were forcebly removed with literally no place to go except camps. It is soo sad that they were forced to give up their houses because the white gov't wanted the land. As soon as Nelson Mandela took over in gov't he said he'd had enough of this segregation etc he wanted more equality. All of this is just recent as well, as early as the early 1990s). South Africa has seemed to come along way since apartheid but I see as an outsider that there is still a tonne of progress and acceptance to need to be had.

After the District 6 I wandered in the direction of the National Art Gallery and Museum. I decided to to visit the museum instead and was kinda disapointed. There truly wasn't anything spectacular to see.

After my day of rain, wind and museums Anja picked me up. We headed home to an early supper of soup and over buttered garlic bread that we cooked in a frying pan because we don't have an oven in our place. We just used to butter on the bread to brown it, adding extra butter would be like saying would u like some bread with ur butter.

Later in the evening after another of Anja's brief study periods we checked out a mexican restaurant for some nachos and a banana split. All very good, a place worth going to again.


From Michelle A on Sep 1st, 2008

Megs! Long time we haven't talked. Would love to hear how you are doing... we should catch up. Rob and I are back in Calgary now. xxx