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Melbourne wrap-up

Written on: Sunday June 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: Australia

Hello everybody! We are in Cairns (pronounced ?cans?) at the moment soaking up the long-awaited sun. It's hot and humid, we don't have jobs to go to, and we're in a hostel ? definitely feels like a vacation again! In Melbourne it just felt like life....we lived in an apartment, went to work, and everybody spoke English. Everyday kind of stuff.

We have a couple of day trips planned, starting tomorrow, so I'd love to get all these pictures we've accumulated posted before we start taking hundreds more at the Reef. It's been a long time since we blogged....that's why we have hundreds of pictures and the task of writing another blog is daunting. And that is why I've decided to make a list of all the groups of pictures we have, and just tell a little bit about each group. For everyone's sake!


  1. State library. I love this library; it's the coolest I've ever seen. It even has an art gallery. But the domed reading room is the best.

  2. Images of Richmond. Richmond is the suburb in which we lived, in case you were unaware. It's very close to downtown Melbourne.

  3. Adam's day in Canterbury. Adam walked around the suburb of Canterbury one day while I worked, taking lots of pictures, mostly of houses (as he's prone to do). It was a beautiful Fall day.

  4. Our apartment. Various views of our apartment building (can you guess who took these?)

  5. Great Ocean Road! We did a day tour and drove most of the Road. We stopped at several places to see the gorgeous coastline. But the first thing we did, which was my favorite, was stop at an Aboriginal culture center. We listened to a man play the didgeridoo, which was amazing. He said he had the best-selling didgeridoo album in Australia. Listen!     Our tour guide was great. He played cheesy Australian songs about koalas and kangaroos. And we got to see Koalas! We stopped for a bit to try to spot them in the trees of this koala reserve. So cute! I ended up limping and half-sobbing towards the end of the trip because I'd bought some cheap sneakers the night before for all the climbing around on rocks we were gonna do, and apparently they needed breaking in because they made my heels bleed and tore off giant chunks of skin! So when we got out of the bus for dinner I was dragging one foot behind me and moving at a snail's pace while carrying a pained expression. People actually stared. That was the only downside of the day.

  6. Croft Institute. This was a bar we read about in our guidebook. It's at the end of this long and winding (and creepy) alley downtown. We dragged along Brendan from Canada, Brendan's sister and her boyfriend, and Malia. Brendan wore tight shiny gold pants. Then Adam wore them. Then Malia wore them (if you're wondering, no I didn't.) It was a three story bar, with a school theme. The first floor was science class, and there were actual counters with sinks in the middle of the room (just like chemistry) and some drinks were served in beakers and test tubes. It kind of looked like a mad scientist's lab. The second floor was gym. It looked like an actual school gym, bleachers included. I forget the theme of the third floor, and we didn't go up there anyway; it was closed.

  7. Various pictures of Richmond. Yes Adam took them.

  8. Out with Alf. Our landlord, Alf, took us out one night. The plan was to actually go over to his house and have dinner with him and his girlfriend but after that got canceled for the second time I guess Alf felt bad and took us out to a vegetarian restaurant (which was delicious) and then to a neighboring bar where people were salsa dancing. We didn't join in.

  9. Bohemio. My workplace!

  10. Der Raum with Darren. This bar, Der Raum, was just down the street from us and is ranked this year as one of the top 5 in the world. Yes, the world. It's like an old-fashioned cocktail bar, where skilled bartenders make incredibly complex cocktails, and people sip them while listening to Frank Sinatra. Darren joined Adam and I there for one cocktail each (at $20 apiece one is all we could afford!)

  11. Yarra River walk. There is a walking trail right along, and sometimes in, the Yarra River. One day Adam and I walked along it all the way to Federation Square, which is downtown. There is a Ferris Wheel right on the river's edge, and we'd been eyeing it for a while so we finally hopped on. It might creaky noises and went up pretty high so we were both actually scared for the first few minutes! Then, having survived, we had overpriced coffee and tea at a cafe at Federation Square.

  12. Limo ride. One night, after Adam was done with work, several of his coworkers and I were lucky enough to catch a ride in a limo downtown to see Darren at his new job at a parking lot bar. Ok, backing up. Adam's manager, Kira, knows a limo driver, who said we could bum a ride in his limo since he was headed our way anyway. So six of us got to ride in the back with champagne. We made sure to look really important when we got out. We saw Darren at his new place of employment, called Section 8, which is a bar located in a vacant parking lot. It's sort of fenced in on all sides, including on top. It dumped confetti on us at one point, and it even had a hot tub in the middle of it (no one was in it at the time, in case you conjured up any crazy mental images). Then we went to another basement bar and hung out until Kira and her boyfriend had a fight.

  13. Royal Botanic Gardens. Huuuuuuuge garden park full of flora from all over the world. Kind of like a zoo for plants. It was cold and cloudy when we went, and it being the middle of winter most of the flowers were dead. But it was still nice. I can imagine it being a thousand times prettier in the Spring, though.

  14. Going away party. We had about 4 people say they'd meet us at a restaurant called Mexicali Rose, but they all canceled. So it ended up being a dinner for two (expensive dinner for two....we'd kind of hoped people would go and pay our bill as a going away present! Haha.). Yummy though. But everybody made it to Great Britain (a nearby pub) afterward. It was nice to see nearly everyone we'd known in Melbourne (even the video store guy) at a last hurrah. Dave was the only one who got hideously drunk and a bit annoying for everyone. To end the night, Adam and I did something we'd done a few times before, and had McDonald's with Jeremy and Rachel. We already miss them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We started missing them the minute we parted :(


And now, here we are, coming perilously close to the end of our journey in Australia. But we've still got a few things to see, including one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, so stay tuned!!!


And please leave comments!! We like them. We didn't get any on the last one.

 *Only 1/3 of pictures up and no captions....will finish on wednesday!!


From Courtney's Mom on Jun 8th, 2008

Sounds like an adventure! I'm glad you two are having a great time. Can't wait to see the Great Barrier Reef Photos.

From T-dawg on Jun 9th, 2008

wait, you're leaving australia? I'm confused. But it sounds like you're drinking a lot so thats good!

From chynah on Jun 11th, 2008

Did you know that Koala bears have a big problem with clamydia? Horn balls.

From Twiggy on Jun 14th, 2008

Love the hat, looks like you've finally seen London Bridge thought I've been walking over mine a few times lately haha...all the pretty animals...liked the pic of you at work...sounds like you've been really really busy...would write more, but there is SOOOOO much to comment on, it would take a new blog to respond. Hahaha, miss you babe, have fun those sheep in NZ...you soon to be kiwi you...haha xx