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Settled life

Written on: Saturday May 3rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Australia

We're not dead yet! Haven't been eaten by a huge Australian spider yet! Fear not! Just having a hard time finding the means, time and energy to do these blogs. But, for your long wait, you'll get rewarded with toooooons of pictures!

Not too much of note has happened though. Let's see...I think it's time for another cast of characters...

Jeremy & Rachel: We're so glad we found a couple to hang out with. Singles can sometimes be annoyed when they hang out with couples (at least that's my experience), so happily we've found another blissfully couple to hang out with. Jeremy and Rachel are some very nice emo kids who came here from Sydney. They both used to work with Adam at two different jobs, but have both been fired from their respective jobs (Rachel for not being able to move a table, and Jeremy for talking back to a mean manager). Don't get the wrong impression though, they're wonderful and very friendly. They might be coming with us to the Great Ocean Road.










John & Gouri: My employers at Bohemio. I love them. They're great bosses, especially Gouri. She is a smart and sassy Indian lady, who doesn't love that? When we work together and it's slow, we usually sit down in a couple of armchairs and talk. Topics of our conversations have included politics, Indian men, consumerism, and Do these jeans make my butt look fat?

Alf & Katherine: Our awesome landlords. They are the most laid-back landlords I've ever seen or even heard of. In the next couple days they're having us over to their house for dinner.

Belinda: Semi-gothic chick who I work with on Sundays. She has pink in her hair and John & Gouri don't care that she wears gigantic goth jeans to work every day. She's nice, but her constant complaining of boredom at work is trying.

Ruth: I just met this very awesome lady the other day at work. She looks pretty old, but she's got a lot of energy and spunk! We talked for quite at while and ended up exchanging numbers. She invited Adam and I to her house in a supposedly beautiful town called Warburton, where it's all river and forest. She seems like a wise person and I hope we will be friends.

Darren: Gay Irishman who sounds Scottish. He works with Adam at Wild Oscar's. A great conversationalist and will never be forgotten for explaining to Adam the precise procedure for a sex change operation. They're planning to go out for a cocktail in the near future.

Scotty: Petite emo Aussie boy with giant glasses. Adam thinks Scotty doesn't like him, but they do both love each other, despite their bickering at work. Adam informs me that Scotty has helped him froth milk properly. He is also an aspiring teacher who is planning a permanent move to Canada.

Indian/Nepalese cooking staff: Instead of trying to learn their difficult names, the staff at Wild Oscar's have dubbed them Itchy, Scratchy and Crusty. Adam has learned a lot about India and Nepal from them. They're all aspiring Australian citizens going through culinary school as an opening to other occupations.

Julius: Wild Oscar's head chef. He is wild, funny and calls Adam "the 313" (Detroit's area code). During peak periods, Adam and Julius often clash, resulting in short heated arguments over restaurant ethics.

Daniel: Adam's brother in metal. This Melbournite is pure heart, and helped Adam prepare me a special anniversary dessert. (Yum!) Adam has introduced him to Paradise Lost, his favorite band.

Wes: A recently promoted assistant manager. One of the coolest and mature Aussie boys Adam has met, says Adam. He introduced us to Texas Hold' Em and we look forward to more crazy poker Mondays (no use of real money, seeing as we're broke!)

Maliah: Very trendy. She and her boyfriend, Dave, are always great to talk with. Looking forward to a night at her chic Toorak apartment.

Dean: The owner of Wild Oscar's. He's cool. Just plain cool. Adam hopes this successful business can be somewhat of a mentor to him.

Brendan: Co-worker of Adam's at Wild Oscars, also here on a work visa from Canda. Enjoys a nice pint of Cooper's Ale nearly every minute of the day.

Kira: Manager of Wild Oscar's. Also very fashion-forward, and helps make Wild Oscar's a relaxing work atmosphere. Also purchased a couch from my workplace.

Papa: Born in Nigeria, his parents have taken him all over the world. He has lived in Ghana, Nigeria, New Zealand and Australia. He cooks at Adam's other place of employment, Mumbler. He likes metal and dreadlocks. Papa enjoys Adam's stories about America.

Notice how nearly everyone comes from Wild Oscar's. When Adam works at his other job he works alone, except for Papa. And most of the people I associate with come from Wild Oscar's too.

We've been doing a lot of working (well, Adam's been doing a lot of working; me, not so much). We haven't been out of Richmond a whole lot.

A couple weeks ago, we did go to the suburb of Williamstown, which is right on a harbor. It was supposed to be very pretty and lively. Yeah, it wasn't. Nope. It kind of looked like La Rochelle, the port city I studied in in France, but not nearly as cool. But we'll always remember Williamstown as where we made someone angrier than either of us ever have in our lives. (Although, to be honest, it doesn't seem that terribly hard to piss an Aussie off). All we did was hurry to get on the train back, and crossed the tracks WAAAAAAY before it was near us. We made it to the platform in time, no one died, no one was in danger. But when the driver pulled up he slowed down in front of us to say, absolutely dripping with sarcasm and rage, "Oh, good job buddy, thanks for that," and gave us a thumbs up. Adam, for some unknown reason to me, gave him the thumbs up back. That reeeeeeeally pissed him off. His mouth started to move frantically in a silent storm of curses. Then when we tried to board the train, and unfortunately we were the last to do so, he shut the doors in our faces and sped off.







Oh, but the anger didn't stop there that day. That evening we went downtown and wandered down this great little alley called Hardware Lane. It's cramped full with restaurants. We decided to stop at one and go ahead and spend some money on dinner. Which we did, though we just got soups and salads. But when Adam went to pay, they tried to charge him for I think $15 more than it should be, as a fee, previously unknown to us, for not ordering a main meal. They argued for a while, and Adam finally dropped down only $5 extra and walked off. And I scurried as fast I could outta that little cramped alley! We decided we'd done enough of pissing off Aussies for the day.

Honestly, pissing off Aussies does not seem that hard to do. We've both gotten the impression that they can quickly turn condescending and lose patience. Adam's encountered plenty of rude people at work. He was talking to Darren (if you recall, the gay Irishman) the other day and Darren thinks that Aussies are less mannered than Europeans and Americans and we should just let it slide. 

We also went to the free art museum in city centralnot too long ago. There was so much to see we didn't get a chance to see it all, since we got there in the afternoon. But we did see some Picasso and Rembrandt, some very cool Chinese photography, and a exhibit on the history of black in fashion, among other things.



















Afterwards we went to the Shrine of Remembrance, which is a very huge memorial building in a very huge park. We ate lunch/dinner on the steps and enjoyed the fantastic panoramic view of the city.

A couple days ago we went to the suburb Fitzroy, specifically to one of the most famous streets in Melbourne, Brunswick St. It has a lot of very cool shops (my favorite being the rare and first edition bookstores. There are several of those). We had dinner at a very very cute vegetarian restaurant to end the day :)

I'm once again in the only cafe I can find nearby that has wireless access. And once again I had to get the staff to call the internet guy to fix it. This blog is no easy task.

So, I think I've covered the last month! We haven't been up to much lately barring hanging out with Jeremy and Rachel, with whom we eat Adam's famous homemade tacos and embarrass ourselves at billiards. But we're going to Tasmania in a few days and I am so excited to go on a little trip. I haven't been down to the city lately or out of Richmond much even, though Richmond is a very cool place to be. Tasmania is suposed to be quite beautiful. We were thinking of camping out there. Adam won us some camping space on an apparently very beautiful piece of land in Tasmania with his sweetness and friendliness. A rich couple who are regulars at Wild Oscar's love Adam and offered him the opportunity to camp out on their land in Tasmania, through which runs a river surrounded by forest. We're thinking it's a teensy bit too cold to do that right now though. We'll probably stay in hostels and keep warm.

Oh, I'll leave you with a favorite quote of mine from Adam, on the exotic nature of kangaroos: "If they have kangaroos..... maybe they have unicorns."


From S.Biddy on May 3rd, 2008

damn pissy australians. I'm sorry about all the crap, but it sounds like you're having fun and you're making friends!! :) Granted I think that Jeremy and Rachel MAY have opted for the same haircut...haha, kidding!!! Sounds like you're up to no good, I like it! Can't wait to hear about Tasmania!