Everyone Should Take a Trip with Someone They Love.

By: Alan Stremel

ake a Trip with Someone You Love

Everybody out there should take a trip with someone they love.  Not in the "I-love-my-family- and-I've-taken-long-boring-car-trips-with-them" sense, or the "newly-retired-couple-who-kisses- too-often-in-front-of-their-motor-home" sense.  Just a FUN trip with someone that you care about.

In August, 2005 my girlfriend, Avril, and I went on the kind of trip that I'm talking about.  We had a car, a trunk full of shit, a couple of maps, 87 burned cds and a week off. We were going down the west coast.  Starting in Vancouver, British Columbia, we were going to go south until half of our time or half of our money ran out - whichever came first.

Like any good road trip, we planned to leave at the crack of Christ on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, when packing the night before turns into drinking til the morning of, you're lucky to get on the road by noon. We were sort of lucky...we were eating breakfast by 12:30 and dragging our stuff to the car by one.

Road trips can afford you the luxury of not having to actually pack your things up carefully - a car trunk is an easy to manage suitacase - but you sure look haggard carrying arm loads of stuff and dumping them into the trunk and back seat. Regardless, we were on our way to the horrible border line-ups that happen in the middle of the day on a Saturday at the end of August.

Oregon Coast

It was hot o'clock by the time that we finally got to the front of the stream of cars at the American/Canadian Peace Arch Border Crossing. To save gas money, and the environment, we had been turning off the car each time we were stopped and refrained from using the air conditioning.  This left me with a healthy back-sweat going on - the same kind I get at a really big dinner, of course accompanied by a thin little Lou Bega moustache sweat. I guess all of this sweating made us look nervous to the border guard.

When you're crossing the border you should always have a plan - or at least a story.  We didn't exactly know where we were going, and we got totally hassled by a guy with a (real) moustache of his own because of it. They searched through our trunk and had to rummage through all of the junk that we through in there: camping equipment, cooler, stack of underwear. When they finally believed that we were actually going on a trip and not some murderous bonanza, we were actually off and ready to go.

While I'm sure the great state of Washington has some very nice qualities, it's a bit of a snooze-fest to drive through. That is especially true when you compare it to Oregon.  The Oregon Coast is something that you should drive. There is just so much beach. Unfortunately, when we went, there wasn't so much sun.

We had spent the previous two days of our sunny vacation in the rain at a campsite. We couldn't light a fire and our tent leaked, but it was perfect. This is why you need to take these trips.

ake a Trip with Someone You Love

The next day we had driven for about 7 hours, finally found some sun and then pulled over. We stopped at some roadside pull out, changed in the car and went to our first sunny beach. Despite being about 100m from the highway, the beach was secluded. I grew up in the mountains and I'm still constantly amazed by the ocean. We swam, skimmed, and sat and talked. Even though we could throw a rock to a highway, it felt like we had our own private beachfront - untouched and secluded. This is why I wanted to take this trip and this is what I remember.

On our trip we went on to northern California, did the Redwoods, took a boat past Alcatraz, got horrible food poisoning at Fisherman's Wharf, ate at In and Out Burger and all the other things that you're supposed to do. But really, we could have just stopped at that one beach and I couldn't have been happier.

Without getting too mushy, there aren't many things more appealing than taking a trip with someone special.

The simple truth is that planned stuff seldom works out according to plan. For me, the highlights of that trip revolve around two sandy beach towels, $5 bottles of wine and pulling over when we wanted to. Oh yeah, and the company.

Written By Footstops Member: Alan Stremel

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