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Written on: Monday May 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Paris!

People of the world.

We have built it, and now we have come to...travel...it.

Five countries (probably) in 18 days starting on the 12th.  We are in Italy now, and will end in Budapest on the 29th.  We then fly back to Paris, I (tom) take the train to London/plane to Canada while Rebecca stays another month to enjoy Paris a little more.

But we have started.  The last two days have been absolutely awesome.  We got to Milano on the 12th and met my friend from my language class who lives there and he showed us around for the afternoon.  We went for lunch at this Panzerotti place.  Panzerotti is like a smaller, more fried version of a calzone...and it's ridiculously good, as well as cheap (2??).  It was a very nice afternoon.  Ripped up some gelato, checked out the Duomo, and got the inside scoop from a resident.  We had a bit of a trial trying to buy our Eurorail passes at the station there (why didn't we get them before, in France?  I have no idea....), but once we got on the train things got a lot better.  It seems like that purchase was an excellent one.

The train took us to Venice.  Which was absolutely glorious.  We had heard it might be a bit boring, but it was so beautiful it didn't make sense.  They have buses that are boats!  And cabs!  And ambulances!  We had another great stroke of luck and literally ran into a long lost friend from the ISC (my first year program in England) who is currently living in Venice.  Honestly, 100% coincidental--the world could not get smaller--we were only in Venice for one day!  In any case, running into Laura was a huge plus.  She showed us around, took us to a couple cool places to eat, and then we went on a gondola (one of the little romantic boats on the canals) with her and a guy that recognized my Sask shirt when we were at St. Marks Basillica.  That was sweet.  All in all, our time in Venice was unbelievable.  Lots more happened but there is no time--we are in Florence now (they call it Firenze, which is a way cooler name) having taken another nice train, and we are in a much better hostel, that includes free wireless internet--we are accessible for the next 24 hours!

Under the assumption that we will have less time for writing, we have started doing video blogs.  The first two are below--the first one (which is actually the first two...you'll see) is from the top of the Eiffel Tower on our last night in Paris, the second one in the Venice blog.  Please do comment because we are wondering if this is something you guys are into or if we should just keep our video hijinx to ourselves. Anyway, enjoy!


ok in retrospect it took longer to load the Paris videos than expected.  So enjoy Venice!


From J on May 14th, 2007

I LOVE the videos. So funny! Keep em coming

From Lucy on May 14th, 2007

I like that one! As in the video. I have more time to look at them now that my EXAMS ARE OVER! See you soon, Lucy

From Ruth on May 15th, 2007

Hello, Hello Great video! I was totally with you on the "gondo" floating down the canal. Keep them coming! Love to both of you

From Dad on May 16th, 2007

Well that makes our drive west on #1 (maybe also number 2, #13 and #37) seem a little drier. I wanted to dip my fingers in the canal. Happy trails to us all. love, DAd

From zo on May 21st, 2007

"yes we're just going to film these bars the whole time" - from your first video. very funny. i'm a repeat customer. whoa rebs you're staying for another month?! you must really love it! ok i love you guys. keep it real like a seal. (ps. tom: who is engaged? ryan beil! fo real.)_

From Hales on May 30th, 2007

Keep the videos coming! V. funny. Sounds like you guys hare having an awsome time!