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How to survive in Ireland when your blood is thin

Written on: Tuesday November 27th, 2007

A journal entry from: Ireland August 2007

Well, summer in Tulum is hot and humid, summer in Ireland is cool and damp. This was my fifth visit to the Emerald Isle and what a change from the last which was only 7 years ago (only! god I'm showing my age). Affluence is very much in evidence everywhere. Looks like a rare case of Government aid programs, in this case E.U. infrastructure funding, actually having a significant long term positive effect on an economy.

On the down side a little bit, I've been reflecting lately that the country seemed to have lost some of it's unique character or flavour.

This past August I was told, they had more rainfall in the first 7 days than they had measured in all of any August in reecorded history. For a country well known for it's rainy climate, that's really saying something. Fortunately, we arrived on the 8th. Still rained a lot but after the first five days of our stay on Monica's cousins farm it abated somewhat. At the farm, we had some nice walks in the woods and farms around. Take a look at the pictures from there.

Kids love mud let me tell you. We don't really have any here in Tulum, at least not good clay based gooey sticky mud. Better than Disney I tell you. Got good pics of that too.

 We traveled down to Cork, but meanwhile I had contracted a chest infection so spent about 8 days in bed at me da's, at least it was a nice comfy bed with a good view. Still had a few nice walks around the area and spent some time with the monsters. More pics.

Meanwhile Tulum Beach areas got whammed with huge waves from Hurricane Dean and half of the shop at Maya Diving was gone. Oops.

Back home and got healthy again. Aaargh! So much for vacations. Only had about four pints of Guinness and a dozen or so of Murphy's.