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Kyoto day 10 - Northwest Kyoto

Written on: Sunday February 14th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

Today was spent trying to see some of the big sights for tourists in Kyoto. First, we caught a bus to Kinkaku-ji, with it's golden pavilion. It was quite pretty, but the throngs of tourists (made worse by it being a weekend, I imagine) kind of overshadowed the shrine itself.

Then, we caught a bus further down the road to Ryoan-ji (the famous rock garden). Out of being afraid of missing the busstop, I accidently made us get off the bus a stop too early, and we had to walk up a hill to get to the garden. Unfortunately, Ryoan-ji turned out to be closed for renovations or something. So, we were stuck waiting for the next bus with a steady trickle of other visitors who were also trying to visit Ryoan-ji.

Next was Myoshin-ji, a quite large area of temples. It turned out to be a bit boring (it sounded better in the guide book), and we had to tag along on a Japanese tour of one of the buildings to see the paintings inside.

In the afternoon, I wanted to see the Nishinjin textile centre, where a lot of Japanese handicrafts are sold. Again, it turned out to be a bit of a tourist trap. But, we were there for the Kimono fashion parade, so not a complete waste of time!