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Kyoto day 3 - Arashiyama Monkey Park

Written on: Sunday February 7th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

Jack wanted a rest today, and initially I didn't want to go out as the weather looked bad (still snowing). However, it cleared up by 9, so I headed out for northeast Kyoto. First, I tried to get there by catching a bus from the Kyoto station terminal, but that didn't work. So I walked to the Keihan train station. I got the train this time, but there was no connecting cable car to get up the mountain in winter (damn you Lonely Planet!). So, I waited at the train station for the next train back. I got on the train, but almost left my purse behind (a nice man chased me and gave it back)!

On the way back, I stopped at Kamigamo-jinya to see the shrine and went to the Arashiyama monkey park (as Jack was afraid of being bitten by one and contracting rabies!). I had to climb a steep hill to get to the park, but it was well worth it. Lots of snow monkeys (in snow!) that I could feed and get up close to.

Heading back to the hostel, it must have been rush hour as the bus to 1 and a half hours! The bus did in fact stop right outside our hostel, but it was too crowded instide for me to get off. We tried out the hostel's Zen cafe (which doubles as a bar) that night, it had tasty green tea cake and umeshu. Then, I listed to The Cure's Kyoto Song IN Kyoto!