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Kyoto day 2 - Nijo castle & Gion

Written on: Saturday February 6th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

Our hostel did a buffet breakfast every morning, and today we tried it. They had a pretty good spread: cornflakes, fruit salad, yoghurt, bread, potatoes, scrambled eggs and sausages - everything a penny-pinching backpacker could dream of! Then we headed out. The weather was quite inhospitable, snow flurries all day. Sometimes the wind and snow would get so bad it was hard to look where I was going and hard to stay outside. From the hostel, we made it as far as the station (10 minutes walk). We hung out there as it was too bad to go anywhere

When there was a break in the weather, we caught the train to Nijo castle. We thought a castle would be okay, as we could go inside if the weather got bad. The weather held up okay for a while (it seemed to come in waves). The castle was nice, but not very "European Castle-like". The best thing was it had nightingale floors which whistle whenever someone walks on them (so the emperor couldn't be sneaked up on). 

After that, the weather got bad again and we headed back to Kyoto station. Jack went back to the hostel, but I stayed out and visit Sanjusangen-do, where I saw 1001 statues. In the nighttime, we went walking around Gion (the geisha district). I was looking for geisha, but Jack spotted the two that we saw before me!