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Kyoto day 1 - Downtown

Written on: Friday February 5th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

For our first full day in Kyoto we decided to explore downtown Kyoto and the area near the station. First off we saw two huge temples: Higashi Hongan-ji and Nishi Hongan-ji. It was nice that we could look inside these temples. At lunchtime, we managed to find Kappa Create, a sushi train with two tracks (normal and "shinkansen") and touchscreens to order things! I used the touchscreen to get cake.

In the afternoon, we visited the museum of Kyoto and the International Manga Museum, where I "read" a book back-to-front by accident as I forgot that Japanese books go the other way. We also visited the much-hyped Nishiki market, but it was a bit small and not very tempting. Bit of a tourist trap.