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Tokyo last day - Ueno

Written on: Sunday January 31st, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

Last day in Tokyo! I decided to spend it in Ueno. I walked to the Yushima Shrine, which was surrounded by food stalls, since it was the weekend maybe? Here I saw the most ema (wooden blocks with wishes printed on them) that I saw in all of Japan, maybe because this shrine is right near Tokyo Uni.

Then I walked up through Ueno Park. I stopped in the Shitamachi Museum (2 rooms!) which had 2 very persistent old ladies who wanted to give me a guided tour. I walked all the way to the top of Ueno Park where there was a samurai cemetery.

In the early arvo, I hit 2 art museums. The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art had lots of calligraphy on display (seemed to be some sort of competition) and new art by students. A lot of the students would actually be sitting next to their artwork with free business cards or postcards of their artwork - pretty organised! Then saw the Museum of Western Art (lots of French stuff) on it's free day.

I got lunch at a sushi train where an eager waitress would try to show me how to do everything. I didn't know how to say "It's okay, I know how the sushi train works" :(