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Tokyo day 12 - Imperial Palace

Written on: Saturday January 30th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

The second-last day in Tokyo today. We spent the morning around the Imperial Palace. The only bit non-royals are allowed to enter is the Imperial East Garden. It was quite nice to walk around. All around the Imperial Palace are big, open spaces (for Tokyo anyway).

Lunch were bento from a market near Tokyo station which happened to be playing The Beatles! There weren't many budget food options around here (swanky end of town), it was painful looking around the food courts and all the perfectly-prepared, ornate little cakes.

Then Jack went home to do laundry, while I stayed in the area to look at museums. The Idemitsu Museum of Arts was cool because of its "shard room" (it's a pottery/fine china museum) full of broken pots. At the Science Musem there was another Paro. I didn't like this Museum as much as the Miraikan, it seemed a little older/looked a bit tired and was more kid-focussed. It would be perfect for little kids though. The Bridgestone Museum of Art (French paintings) was cool too, Japan seems to like the 1 or 2 room art museum, which I like as well (or I get a bit bored). It's like some museums you could do in your lunch break/on the way home from work.