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Tokyo day 9 - Ikebukuro

Written on: Wednesday January 27th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

We headed to Ikebukuro for a quiet day. Ikebukuro has a big shopping centre (Sunshine City), but it looks like it would have been the big new thing in the 80s/90s and is now a little worn down. Inside Sunshine City was Namjatown, an amusement park with Gyoza Stadium, "dessert town", and Ice Cream City. I ate so much! Some garlic gyoza, a crepe, and green tea ice cream. Even though I love green tea and ice cream separate, the combination of the two isn't all that nice.

Then we played some of the skill testers. Jack won me scented fruit tart candle! Though it cost us about $10 in coins. I tried to win him a big sausage/jerky thing, but I suck.

In the arvo, we left the shopping centre. I wanted to see Otome Road (Maiden Road), which is becoming a hub for girl geeks. It has girl manga bookshops and butler cafes! I didn't get to go to a butler cafe as they have really long waiting lists and I'd used up all my brownie points going to the maid cafe a few days earlier. Next time! Jack was disturbed by being the only guy in a girl manga shop and we had to leave soon :(

Last stop was the most fun, we went to the Fire Department's earthquake training centre and got to join in with a Korean school group in the earthquake simulator. It's basically a kitchen, the room starts to shake, and you all have to jump under the table. Fun and educational!