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Tokyo day 5 - Shinjuku

Written on: Saturday January 23rd, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

The highlight of today for me was seeing the hotel where Lost in Translation was filmed: the Park Hyatt Tokyo. We even ended up having lunch at the Park Hyatt Deli (bit expensive, but delicious!). Before that we walked around West Shinjuku, which is all massive skyscapers. Some of the building have art galleries, showrooms or viewing decks open to the public.

After lunch, we walked 20 minutes from the Park Hyatt to the Japanese Sword Museum (no photos allowed), to make Jack happy after being dragged to the "Lost in Translation Hotel". Some of the swords were over 1000 years old and still looked usable!

In the evening, we switched to East Shinjuku, which is more retai/entertainment-oriented. In the Isetan department store, I saw a $300 melon (so they still exist, even post-GFC). We walked around East Shinjuku for a while, as a section of it (Kabukicho) is supposed to be an old but safe red light district. It was pretty lame, I didn't see anything interesting or any interesting people, apart from some love hotels and some sleazy signs. :(