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Tokyo day 4 - Asakusa & Akihabara

Written on: Friday January 22nd, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

It was really cold today, I spent most of the day having to actually wear the hood on my hoodie vest. We first visited Asakusa, mainly to see Kappabashi-dori - an entire street that sells nothing but restaurant supplies, including the plastic food Japanese restaurants always have in their window. We ended up walking down the street 3 times, it was very cool!

Then, we wallked to Senso-ji temple, which turned out to be covered for renovations, but still very crowded. Lunch was the first ramen that we had in Japan. After lunch, I insisted on seeing the Chindogo (raccoon dog) shrine. These guys (tanuki) are supposedly shape shifters that get up to a lot of mischief and have enormous testicles on which they can fly!

After heading back to our hotel to dump all the stuff we bought at Kappabashi-dori, we headed out to AKihabra (electric town). The "Anime Centre" sounded good on paper, but turned out to be a 1 room affair with some statues. I then found a variety shop, Don Quixote, which I had been looking for since it has a Maid Cafe on the top floor. We got a Shinto priestess maid who spoke a little english and was pretty cute, but 2 non-alcoholic drinks cost about $30!