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Last day, motorbike show, Bill Reid Gallery, last sushi!

Written on: Sunday August 16th, 2009

A journal entry from: Vancouver, Canada 2009

My flight left at 5pm, so I had until about 1pm to enjoy Vancouver. On my way to the Bill Reid Gallery, I saw a motorbike show! Even the bikies were nice in Vancouver (and they apparently have a way worse bikie problem than we do in Australia).It made me want to get my act together and do Qride. Then, I found a chocolate cafe to further delay me from getting to the Bill Reid Gallery. I wanted to see the gallery as I'd seen Bill Reid's stuff at the Museum of Anthropology. He basically taught himself all the "lost" Haida arts from library/museum collections and old tattoo designs. He became a master jeweller, a painter, then when he got Parkinson's a canoe-builder and sculptor! And all his stuff rocks!

Then, with bittersweet feelings, I went to a sort of upmarket-y Japanese restaurant for my last sushi and tempura ice cream. When I got back I'd put on 2kg which I think is impressive given I was eating Japanese food which is really healthy for you! Shows how much I liked Vancouver's Japanese food. It shits all over Brisbane's!