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End of Conference, Islamic Fair, Zombie Walk, Stanley Park

Written on: Saturday August 15th, 2009

A journal entry from: Vancouver, Canada 2009

Saturday was the last day of the conference with talks until 11am. The talks were all on brain injuries sustained in war time with representatives from the UK, US and Canadian armed forces. It was amazing to hear how they manage injured soldiers all the way from the field to the hospital. But, all those countries are going to have significant numbers of previously healthy young adults who sustain a brain injury in war and are going to need care for the rest of their lives!

Across the road from the conference at the Art Gallery, an Islamic fair was being held. It seemed very "Saudi Arabian" though - all the guys in the white robes and red head scarves. I had heard there was a Zombie Walk starting at the Art Gallery today and I had high hopes of the Zombies and muslims getting into a fight. Just imagine the fuss when a guy in the white robes accidentally gets red food colouring spilt on him by a zombie! But, this is Vancouver, where everyone gets along with one another :(

There was still 2 hours until the Zombie Walk was meant to start, so I had just enough time to catch a train to Commercial Drive to look at the shops there and come back. Commercial Drive sounded like the West End or Stones Corner of Vancouver. It was the 1st place where I actually liked most of the stuff in the shops! Most of the other stuff I'd seen was to preppy/American/boring. Commercial Drive was more downbeat and bohemian.

After some unagi sushi and tempura for lunch (making the most of my time left!), I got back to the Art Gallery. One on side were the poor old muslims with their fair, while the other side was packed with zombies and their well-wishers. It was actually pretty hard to take good photos of the zombies are they moved around a lot and I felt bad stalking people basically. 

While I was waiting at the Art Gallery for the Walk to start, something really freaky happened. I saw a guy who looked EXACTLY like Jack! Like 85-90% the same. I sneakily took a photo of him (not the front or he would have noticed), so people can see! And I must have been staring at him because he came up to talk to me. He said he'd been a zombie last year, but this year he only wanted to get photos. He also told me that at last year's there had been a Jesus saying it was the 2nd coming. He was really nice and friendly, so I knew it wasn't Jack after all.  I was tempted to ask him for a proper photo, but it was too weird to explain.

The Zombie Walk itself was awesome, it totally exceeded my expectations. Most people's reaction to the zombies was just to laugh and play along with them. Though I did see one guy who was stuck in traffic get furious at a zombie who sat on his bonnet and dented it (which is fair enough). And, I saw a bride and groom who must have been on their way to the wedding or reception who were stranded by the Zombie Walk who both looked really pissed off (which serves them right for wanting to do something as lame as get married). Good on the zombies! There was even a "dyslexic zombie" who shouted "Brians! Brians!"

I was so envious of the zombies, I want to be one! Luckily Brisbane is doing one October 25th for the Brain Foundation (nice one, whoever thought of that, stupid Vancouver did it for some children's charity). www.brisbanezombiewalk.com

Afterwards, I walked the entire perimeter of Stanley Park to say goodbye to Vancouver. All up, that's about 9km! On top of that, following the Zombie Walk and Commercial Drive, I reckon I walked 20km that day. I had very sore feet by the end!



From Debbie the Loopless on Aug 25th, 2009

lmao - thats awesome! The Thriller Dance is the bestest! So going to do the Zombie Walk in October - will mention it tonight as I KNOW some of the firetwirlers/goths will want to do it as well - megan we have to learn the Thriller dance before October!