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Capilano Suspension Bridge, Londsdale Quay Market, Vancouver Aquarium

Written on: Monday August 10th, 2009

A journal entry from: Vancouver, Canada 2009

More rainy weather made me sleep in again today, but I luckily managed to catch the last bus going directly from Downtown to the Northshore of Vancouver!

First up was the Capilano Suspension Bridge (which still makes me think of honey! But it's actually a name of a First Nations tribe/family from the area). The rain was good, no one else was there apart from an Asian family! The bridge goes from the main road across to a forest where you can walk around on boardwalks and in the canopy. The rain actually made it better I think - more authentic (Vancouver gets like 7 months of that sort of weather a year).

Grouse Mountain is further up the same road (where I wanted to see grizzly bears and wolves), but the staff at the bridge told me it wouldn't be worth it in the rain as there would be no views down the mountain to Vancouver. So, I caught a bus back to Lonsdale Quay to get a ferry across to Downtown. Lonsdale Quay had another market, not quite so big as Granville Island. But still full of delicious-looking food stalls. I settled for chicken teriyaki & a rum-soaked banana crepe. 

Back in Downtown, caught yet another bus to Stanley Park. The bus drivers in Vancouver are all really friendly and willing to help (something you can't say about all Brisbane drivers!), but this bus driver was the best. He had like bingo calls for every street he'd stop at, like Howe Street was "How now brown cow?" I wonder if Vancouver is making everyonebe extra friendly in preparation for the 2010 olympics though.

Since it was raining, I decided the Aquarium would be a good place to go. However, everyone else thought the same thing. It took 20 minutes queuing to get inside. Inside was okay, I think our Underwater World is just as good though, without the crowds. But, it doesn't have a porpoise or a beluga whale and her 2 month old calf. The porpoise is my new favourite animal, it's like a metre long and looks like it's smiling all the time. Beluga whales look a bit weird up close, like you can see all their muscles undulating when they swim, and they look like they're trying too hard to flex their muscles like a jock in slow motion.