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Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Written on: Sunday August 9th, 2009

A journal entry from: Vancouver, Canada 2009

Woke up late today as it was drizzly outside and therefore too easy to sleep in. I planned to go see Grouse Mountain just outside of Vancouver, but decided to abandon that idea as the weather was bad. So far, it had been overcast for my entire trip. But, I was told that the week before I got there it had been 34C!

Instead, I caught a bus to the Uni of British Columbia (UBC) to visit the Museum of Anthropology. Initially, everyone else visiting Vancouver seemed to have had the same idea as me, the museum was very crowded. But, since all the totem poles & other sculptures are really big, it didn't matter!

Afterwards, the weather cleared up, and I went across the Southside to the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. Hoping to see really big trees!The gardens were nice to walk around, my eyes probably got their fill of looking at greenery (literally) for the year in Vancouver - everything's green, even in their "drought". 

As I was following my strict Japanese-only diet, I had to skip lunch today as I couldn't find any sushi places near the Museum or Gardens! I managed to get some yummy chocolate pudding bubble tea with pearls instead. Back in Downtown, I made the mistake of trying Vietnamese pho & rice paper rolls. Unlike the amazing Japanese food, the 2 times I tried Vietnamese in Vancouver were both disappointing. Like "shopping centre" sushi is to real sushi.