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Downtown Vancouver & Stanley Park

Written on: Friday August 7th, 2009

A journal entry from: Vancouver, Canada 2009

Began my 1st full day in Vancouver by looking around Downtown. Funnily enough, they have Flight Centres everywhere there, with the same mascot! I saw an exhibition of Dutch Masters that was visiting the Vancouver Art Gallery, but our GoMA & QAG are better than their permanent collection! It took me about 15 minutes to work out how to get IN to the Art Gallery, what looked like the main entrance had about 15 homeless people camped on the steps. The real main entrance was actually around the side.Vancouver has a lot more homeless than Brisbane, the first few days I was surprised by seeing them (then I got used to it). However, like everyone in Vancouver, even the homeless are nice, when they asked me for change and I'd say, "No!" they would still say, "Have a nice day."

After the Art Gallery, I started my Japanese diet. Vancouver has at least 1 sushi or noodle place on each block (plus at least 1 coffee place or bubble tea shop) - but often 4 or 5! And ALL the sushi is really good sushi, not like Brisbane where it's often stale and almost inedible. I had sushi and some tempura, including a prawn. I usually hate prawns, but prawns in Vancouver are delicious!

In the afternoon, I headed for Stanley Park - west from Downtown. It's like their version of the Botanic Gardens, but 10 times as big with woods! I ended up going back to Stanley Park 2 more times, there's a lot of different ways to walk around it. 

Walking back to my hotel from Stanley Park, I was apprached by a hustler! Was not expecting that in Canada! It was the typical annoying time-wasting exchange, he asked me for the time, then my name, where I'm from, etc. until I realised he was a hustler not someone who actually needed to know the time, and I said I was going to keep walking! Apart from him though, Vancouverites really impressed me - no one's fat there (everyone's outdoors doing active things all year round it seems), there's no bogans (everyone looks either upper middle class or is homeless, there's no in-between!), everyone's laid back and nice (way more laid back and nicer than Australians!).