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Koh Phi Phi Leh day trip

Written on: Saturday February 21st, 2009

A journal entry from: Thailand 2009

Decided to actually see what all the fuss re: Koh Phi Phi Leh (where they filmed The Beach) was about, so took a speedboat day trip there. Phi Phi Leh might be nice, it's hard to tell through all the hoards of boats and tourists who go there on day trips :) I got to do some more snorkelling of Phi Phi Leh, which was nice. Probably the equal best fish there on my trip.

The funniest parts of the day trip were no. 1 my guide was the gayest man alive. In introducing himself he said "You can call me *unpronouncable Thai name*, or you can call me Beyonce!" Sometime in the afternoon, someone gave him a flower that he wore in a ponytail in his hair and later in the afternoon when we stopped for lunch he made a beeline straight for the bar's karaoke to sing 'I will survive'. And, no. 2 we briefly stopped at Koh Phi Phi Don (argh!) to pick up Beyonce's "friends" - 4 European drag queens and some poor guy whose job it seemed to be to wait on the drag queens like a badly treated butler. I wanted to take a photo to prove this story, but there was no way to sneakily do it.