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"5 Islands" day trip from Railay

Written on: Tuesday February 17th, 2009

A journal entry from: Thailand 2009

Left on a "5 islands" longtail boat trip from Railay today. The whole group of people on the boat was nice, apart from this one truly awful German family = 2 grandparents, their loud obnoxious daughter, her hyper 7yr old son, and another older relative. Obviously whoever fathered the son had long since left!

1st stop was Chicken Island (because it looks like a Chicken duh) to look around and snorkel. Snorkelling here was better than off Playa del Carmen in Mexico, except it was all really shallow water. One lady was even smart enough to bring a loaf of bread to feed the fish. During my snorkelling, I got charged by a 20cm long pink fish, I soon learnt these fish are territorial and will even bite you! Scary fish. I also saw the awful German family stand there watching their hellspawn child hit a 1 foot big jellyfish with a stick in the shallow water until it died.

Then, we stopped just off the shore of the island for more snorkelling in deeper water. This is where I had my 2nd run in with sharp rocks/coral. I got water in my spout, and did the whole "Argh! I'm breathing water into my lungs" panic, and went to stand up - on sharp coral. Luckily, the boat people were used to stupid tourists who do this, and thay had a waterproof bandaid for me. 

Island no. 2 was Poda Island where we stopped for lunch (chicken churry in a cute plastic bag that you poured onto a container of rice) and I bought a watermelon shake from one of the takeaway shops/boats you see in the south of Thailand. Poda Island also had monkeys that I was told to stay away from because they bite!

"Island" no. 3 and the last stop (where were the other 2) was Phra Nang beach, which I had already been to yesterday, so I walked back to Railay West to watch the sunset. That night I had the 1st rain of my trip (about 10 mins worth) andhad dinner with 2 English guys who were travelling together because they were neighbours in their home town! One was travelling for longer and his neighbour had joined him for a little while, then after he went home ANOTHER neighbour was coming out to keep the main traveller company!