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Last day in Bangkok

Written on: Sunday February 15th, 2009

A journal entry from: Thailand 2009

Today I did a cooking course in Bangkok. Bangkok wasn't my first choice for cooking schools, the best/cheapest places are in Chiang Mai. However, the one I booked there didn't happen, because the school and I were confused as to what day I was going (so they never picked me up).

But, it turned out for the best. I had to do my course at a vegetarian/vegan place a stone's throw from Khao San Road (both bad signs!). Fortunately, the lady running course wasn't one of those nazi vegetarians, she'd even say where in recipes you'd swap something for meat/eggs/dairy if you wanted. And, only 4 people (including me) were in the class, so 2 groups to a wok, which meant it was easy to follow stuff. In the end, we cooked about 10 dishes in 4 hours! Along with the Elephants and muay thai, this was the best bit of Thailand for me.

After that, I had to wait around in stupid Khao San Road for my overnight bus to Krabi (12-16hrs). After 1 wrong start (I was taken to the wrong bus, which is VERY annoying when you are carrying your pack and 2 bags!) I got to my "deluxe double decker" to take me to Krabi. The bus was almost like a plane! They had TVs playing movies early in the night - n.b. The Reader is probably the most depressing movie I have ever seen, NONE of the characters are likable.