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Chiang Mai, North Thailand

Written on: Sunday February 8th, 2009

A journal entry from: Thailand 2009

Ticked off the sights (mainly Wats) in Chiang Mai, and then tackled the Sunday Walking Street (market). Thailand's wats aren't as cool as the Vietnamese temples. A lot of gold/gold paint and that's about it vs Vietnam where you get giant papier mache dolls/demons/animals. I.e. Vietnamese have less money, but put in more effort? All the Thais efforts seem to go into making the Wat building look big, inside's not so impressive.

I can usually shop till I run out of shops, but the Sunday Walking Street defeated me. By 10pm, it was too crowded and tiring, so I had to retire in defeat. Chiang Mai is the best place for handcrafts/stuff made by traditional villages/hill tribes, so there's a lot to buy vs. tourist crap like t-shirts that you get in Bangkok.