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Elephant Nature Park - near Chiang Mai

Written on: Monday February 9th, 2009

A journal entry from: Thailand 2009

Today I visited the Elephant Nature Park, which is the best place in Chiang Mai to see elephants that aren't mistreated (e.g. painting shows). Almost all their elephants have been rescued from loggers (who give the elephants amphetamines to keep them working 24/7), begging on the streets of big cities (where they often get hit by cars and have mental problems from the stress of being in an inappropriate environment) and other places (e.g. villages who can no longer look after an animal, other tourist camps).

On the day trip, I got to see/do 2 feeding times, see 2 babies, and 2 bathing times. Some of the other people there were whinging about "that elephant in the pen has a chain on its foot" etc (yes, that's because it's in a pen you idiot), but they're just whingers who want to look like their the super animal rights fighter or something. Tthe elephants here are treated 100 times better than most other places. The most "performing" they do is being fed by people, "kissing" people" and being bathed by people.

The day after, I saw a begging elephant at a Wat. It was completely different to the ENP ones, it just stood in the one spot rocking its head back and forward, like a kid with autism.