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Waterfalls around Palenque

Written on: Saturday January 26th, 2008

A journal entry from: Central America 2007

Today was a trip on a tour of 3 waterfalls, Misol-Ha, Agua Clara and Agua Azul. Misol-Ha was pretty cool, very shady pool with a high-ish waterfall. You could walk down a slippery path behind the waterfall, then climb up some stairs that had basically become a waterfall themselves, up to a cave! Inside the cave (if you paid the guide $1), could could wade up an underground river to a bit with bats and some kind of human sculpture. Pretty cool. I totally soaked my skirt on the way down from the cave though and broke the toe bit on one of my sandals! It was worth it though.

Next up was Agua Clara ("Clear Water"), a river crossed by a rickety suspension bridge. The river is this really weird colour, almost like how glacier water is a weird hyper-blue colour, but different. It's due to calcium in the soil I think. But there was not much to do here, but climb over the bridge and back, and go "Wow! That water is really blue-green!"

Finally, we visited Agua Azul ("Blue Water"), which seems to have like 1km of waterfalls, all the way down the river. First, I climbed up most of the way to look at the waterfalls, then went swimming at the bottom of the last and biggest ones. In the pool at the bottom, swimming one way would be really easy, then the other way would be really hard, due to the current. I didn't get too close to the bottom of the waterfall proper, as you could feel the water/current going 50 different ways at once (i.e. probably dangerous). But, I saw some guys walk gingerly along the top of the waterfall and jump in!

That night, things between Emaya and I came to a head. We had a fight and agreed to go our separate ways. Sorry if this is a surprise to some people reading this, but I am being deliberately muted about what I say (and about the bad relations leading up to this) as I don't think it's right to bitch about someone in a public forum. But basically, we hadn't been getting along for the 4 or so days before this, and it was a major relief to have it all resolved at least. Also, we didn't end up meeting up again or anything, not to get anyone's hopes up. 


From dan on Feb 20th, 2008

Hey dude. Bummer about you and emaya splitting. Though travelling with anyone is next to impossible, let alone a friend. Hope you have survived the rest of your trip well! Your blog has been excellent reading! It all looks so awesome. Oh, and i'm sure you already know this but GNW came back on tv two weeks ago. When are you back? I thought it was before your birthday for some reason?

From Heather on Feb 21st, 2008

that water is gorgeous!! not that you need me to tell you that hehe i just have appreciation for the niceness of it :) happy journeys!

From fee on Feb 26th, 2008

these pictures are so cool! And it's definitely best to go separate ways :) avoid more tension! Oh and that water looks so picturesque! and one last thing *hugs dog* :)