Death Railway - Kanchanaburi Day Trip Photos


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Rice padis on the way from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi

Thai school bus?

WW2 Cemetery, Kanchanaburi

Same age as me

Youngest soldier I could find (vs 17 yr olds in Vietnamese "American War" cemetery in 2007)


Jewish guy (in general, Jewish captions seemed to be more personal & thus more meaningful & touching than the Christian ones! Take that Christians)

From "mother"


The best headstone in the cemetery! I was on a mission going through the British ones looking for Welsh soldiers, thinking I'd only get someone whose surname was "Jones" or "Hughes" or something, but this guy's family must have insisted on a Welsh headstone. It says something like "All over his land there was an oath, Over the sea he went to die"

From the British Embassy

Me! The pink sticker shows what tour I'm on, since all whiteys must look the same to the Thais

"Known unto God" ... well this guy is screwed



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