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Kyoto day 14 - Imperial Palace & my last day!

Written on: Thursday February 18th, 2010

A journal entry from: Japan 2010

I had the buffet at K's House for the last time this morning. And, after breakfast, I checked out of our "home" for the last two weeks. Then, since my flight was not until the evening, I caught a bus out to the Imperial Palace to go on the tour (the only way to see inside the walls). The tour turned out to be double the usual gorup size (60 vs. 30 - damn!). And, even more annoyingly, after two weeks of very patchy weather, it was fine and sunny today. The Palace was okay, but hard to enjoy with 60 other people around and with only being out to look at the outside of buildings.

After that, I went to Ginkaku-ji (the silver pavilion). It was actually undergoing renovations, and the lake in front of the temple was empty of water, but full of sludge. However, it was actually cool to see a "non-scenic" temple or to see a temple's ugly side for a change! I walked back towards the hostel, by the pretty Path of Philosophy (Jack wasn't keen on anything involving walking). There were no crowds and it was a nice and peaceful way to end the trip. Along the way, I stopped at Honen-in, a leafy green temple, again, very quiet.

After a last green tea cake and cappucino at K's House, I collected my luggage and walked to the station. I was catching the 2:45pm Haruka (sounds like a name for a wart!) to Osaka airport. The train was so quiet that I didn't hear it arrive while I was sitting on the platform!

I spent the train ride looking out the window at Japan for one last time. I rode through Osaka, and it looked like a quirky little city to visit!

At the airport, I wanted my fill of Japanese food. I had my last sushi, which was acutally not all that great quality, then I had my last miso and tempura (after an inordinate wait for the two people at the cafe to work out how to use the eftpos machine!). My tempura ended up cold by the time I got to pay.

The last thing to do then was to max out my duty-free alcohol limit on umeshu.


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