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New England Patriots Season opener Photos

The Pilgrimage to Mecca. We had to take a train to Foxborough, an hour outside Boston to where the stadium was...then walk like 2 miles.

Crazy Pats fans, really stoked to see a Vancouverite in the house.

The only thin on this guy thats changed since 89' is the beer.

Fly-by by a stealth bomber! Say what you want about partiotic Americana...that was cool!

oh mannnnnnn!!!!

Amanda, wearin the hat...gettin some beers and Pizza's.

We sacked Blls QB J.P. Losman in the end zone in the 4th quarter to win the game on a safety!!! Probably the coolest moment ever!

You can see the train we took waaay off in the background...and the dude with the fro sitting an email homey 4 life!

Football, sunshine, Pizza and you can see from my ORGASMIC Combination!

In front of the Championship banner, inside Gillette life was complete!