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Tomorrow: SOCHI!

Written on: Wednesday April 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

Hello, everyone. Tomorrow I'm leaving for Sochi until May 4th, so I wanted to leave you all with one more post before I go.

Passover was really fun. I got to hear Russian spoken in a Hebrew accent (by the rabbi, who kept forgetting Russia words, it was cute). There was a follow-along booklet in Russian, which was helpful. The food was really good, and the songs were fun. I had a really good time.

On Sunday I went to the House of Soviets with Liz and to Chesme Cathedral. Catherine the Great had it built on the spot where she learned she defeated Napoleon. It's bright pink and white striped.



Sunday was Orthodox Palm Sunday, so when we got there there were a lot of Russians gathered outside with what Russians use as palm fronds. We didn't know what was going on until suddenly the priest came out and scolded them all for being late to services, and then he sprayed us all with holy water! Woo!

We went inside the church too, it was really cool. I also bought some handpainted wooden Easter eggs from a woman outside, who was really nice.

Afterwards we met Liza at O'Kei to bye food for the train ride tomorrow, before Liz and I went to the Puma store.


On Monday after school I went to Icakievskii Cathedral, which I have lots of pictures of and will upload later. In English it's St. Isaac's. We went up on the Colonnade and got to take pictures of all of St. Petersburg, which was awesome. It was really pretty inside, too.

Afterwards we went to a cafe, and then home.


On Tuesday we had our big meeting about Sochi, which I will talk more about in a second. I learned that there was a newspaper in Moscow that recently published a story about Putin having a mistress, and the two days later the paper was shut down! Oh, Russia.


Today we went on a boat tour of the canals and river in Piter. It was awesome. I took a lot of amazing pictures, but I'll upload them later. Then we had lunch at Il Patio, and now I'm here.

Tomorrow we're playing Scrabble in my Oral Practice class, and no one seems to be assigning us terribly hard work.


Ok, so now about Sochi. We leave at 7:30 and will be on the train until Saturday at 11AM. Here's the itenirary:

Saturday: bus tour of the city, right when we get there since we have to wait 3 hours to check in to the hotel.

Sunday: we're going to a gorge that I can't translate into English at the moment, but there's a monument to Prometheus there, because his mountain where Zeus chained him is around Sochi somewhere. We're also going to swim in a waterfall.

Monday: Yew and Boxwood Grove and Vorontsovskii Caves (lots of stalachtites!). Lots of free time.

Tuesday: Tea plantation! I'm really excited.

Wednesday: 33 Waterfalls (yesssssss)

Thursday: Krasnaya Polyana, where the olympics will be. My guidebook says " you can ski in the morning and swim on the beach in the afternoon". We're going with the Moscow group, and when we get there we're free to do whatever. It's 2 hours from Sochi.

Friday: Free time until 2:30, when we go to the train station to get on the train again.


So I'm pretty excited. I'm planning to go to the bath house and partake of some of the awesome stuff Sochi is famous for. We're also planning to climb Mt. Akun, which is right next to Sochi and has cafes on top.

We have a big test the day we get back in Word Building, and a presentation due in politics, but otherwise it doesn't look like I'll have bad homework there.

I guess that's all for now. I'll either update in Sochi or when I get back. Bye!


EDIT: I almost forgot! I won the ACTR (my program) photo contest! Here's the link to the article on their website:


and the gallery of all the winners:



From Cheryl Rogers on Apr 23rd, 2008

AWESOME, Kate! Congratulations on winning the photo contest! I looked at the picture and all the others, too! I see you also got an Honorable Mention! Now you're a member of the papparazzi! (Hope I spelled that right!) One of the last posts I saw you said winter had come and now you are talking about going swimming? Well, don't freeze your uterus! I asked Alisha just when in the world were you coming home and she said not too much longer! It sounds like you have had a wonderful time in Russia, you've learned a lot and made new friends. I'm so proud of you - I would have NEVER done anything so adventurous! Well, I'll sign off for now -- and really, you didn't have to get me a gift and try to keep it a secret from me just because I read your blog!