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Almost in Sochi...

Written on: Saturday April 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

Alright, so it's been a week. I've gone back and put up pictures on old entries, just so you know. And here's what's happened.


On Sunday I didn't go anywhere except the metro station to buy a phone card. So yeah, woo.

On Monday I didn't do much of anything.

On Tuesday in politics we watched a video on skin heads in Russia that was a little scary. I found it if anyone wants to watch it, but it is a little scary.


Don't worry mom, I've never seen any guys who look like that around here. We had our meeting, and then I just wandered around Nevskii Prospect for a while before going home. I bought a book of Akhmatova poetry (woo!). Unfortunately, on Tuesday night my disk drive in my computer broke, so I can't watch movies anymore. Lame.

On Wednesday we went to Tsarskoe Selo and the amber room. It was pretty cool, though cold and the elektrichka (suburban train) we had to take to get there kind of sucked. The amber room was really cool, though. They had all these pictures up of what the palace looked like in 1945 after the Germans burned it out, too--it's amazing that they've done so much restoration.

After the palace Zach, Jason and I went to Carl's Jr. (mmm) and then to the internet cafe. Yay.


On Thursday I went souvenir shopping with Zach and Liza. I got Russian Scrabble!! It's pretty much the coolest thing ever. The soft sign and hard sign (for you Russian speakers) are 10 points each, haha. I also haggled at the market and got an excellent deal on some matryoshka dolls. The lady told me I speak good Russian.

Yesterday I didn't do much of anything. Zach and I looked for some more souvenirs but we didn't get anything.


Today I went to the udelnaya market again with my friends. I got something really cool, but I don't want to say what it was because the person it is for will probably read this and I want it to be a surprise. But if you want to know you can ask me. :)

Zach and I just ate at Chainaya Lozhka (tea spoon), which was delicious, and now we're at the internet cafe. Tonight I'm going to Passover services and sater (sp?), woo. Tomorrow I'm going to O'Kei with friends to get food for the 46 hour train ride to Sochi (yesssss).

On Monday we're planning to go to Isakyevskii Cobor (St. Isaac's Cathedral) and we're going to go up on the Colonade. Yay.

Wednesday is our river and canal tour (exciting, I know) and on Thursday night at 8PM we leave for Sochi, where we will arrive at 11AM on Saturday morning. Gah.

We're staying in the best (Russian) hotel in Sochi (there's a Radisson, but that's no fun), Hotel Zhemchuzhina. (http://www.hotelclub.net/hotel.reservations/Zhemchuzhina_Hotel_Sochi.htm) Apparently it's sort of a famous resort, I don't really know.

I think we're all really ready to go to Sochi. We haven't had a break all semester ( we would have had spring break by now) and we're all feeling a little burnt out. Having our break this late in the semester kind of sucks for that reason, and because we'll be talking in English to each other for 10 days and then have to come back and take finals. Gah.


I guess that's all for right now. Bye everyone!


From lil one on Apr 21st, 2008

ok so you saying you zach and jason all in one sentence was a really weird flash back but anyway i miss you. xoxxo ps. i wanna know what the cool thing is.