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The Russian Winter

Written on: Sunday March 30th, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

Hello everyone!

Last weekend I didn't do much-- I stayed home for the most part and watched movies. I bought The Golden Compass in Russian and Ironiya Sudbi 2 (yes!), but I took Golden Compass back because the English didn't work and got Night Watch (they let me switch it for free, and I'd already watched it!). Monday also was just a calm day. The weather was ridiculous though--there was like this one snow storm that just moved around Piter all day and attacked random spots. Like, you'd be standing in front of a building hidden by the snow storm, and across the street there would be blue sky. Gah.

Tuesday we had a meeting and I went to discussion club. There was also a blizzard for like 6 HOURS! Surprise, the Russian winter finally came. Just now. In March. I like couldn't see in front of me. GAH.

On Wednesday we went to the banya again (yes!). Liza, Jessica and I love the banya. We ate Teremok afterwards (mmm... blini) and used the wireless in the mall across the street. It was a good day.

On Thursday we ate at Carl's Jr. after school, and then we went to Kofe Haus. I argued with the waitress in Russian and actually got her to take something off our check. Look at me go. After Kofe Haus we went to see THE BEST BALLET I'VE EVER SEEN. Oh my God. It was Chaika (the Seagull), choreographed by Eifman, by new favorite. It was modern/traditional and AMAZING. I was seriously left speechless by it. Afterwards we hung out for a bit and then I went home.

Friday night the marines had a going away thing for one of the guys who's shipping out tomorrow, so we hung out with them. It was fun. On Saturday we went to see the debut of a play, but it wasn't very good so we left early. Last night something crazy happened--the apartment above us had a leak or something and flooded our apartment and the two below us. There were like walls of water falling--my host mom was way upset when I got home. The people weren't there to turn it off for like 3 hours. I think the wallpaper is ruined but nothing else. It was crazy!

Today's been chill, just sitting in the internet cafe. It's pretty warm, like 50 degrees. I think the weather is trying to pretend there wasn't a blizzard on Tuesday. I might go to the political museum on Wednesdady--the excursion is to the Russian Museum, but I've already been (and gotten lost in it, and therefore seen all the rooms 3 times) so I'm not going.

We also get our midsemseter reviews this week, which should be interesting. Next weekend I'm going to Kronshtadt to do this massive scavenger hunt. There are teams coming from all over Russia made up of 4 people each-- 2 run around the city and find things while the other 2 act as like a phone-a-friend from a computer station. Kronshtadt was a closed city until very recently, so I'm pretty excited. It's being put on by the Red Cross. Yay!

I think that's all for now. This week was not very exciting, just a normal week. See you guys later!


From Grandpop Baumann on Apr 4th, 2008

WHAT! Having a water fall in your room is NORMAL? Hope when you are back in US, you will be coming to NJ with pictures.