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S Dnyom Pozhdenyom!/Happy Birthday!

Written on: Sunday March 9th, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

Hello everyone! Just so you know, I'm going back and slowly adding photos to each entry. If you click on them or on Photo Album, there will be captions explaining what they are. Enjoy!


Today was my host mom's birthday. We went to a Shashlik place (Russian barbecue without the sauce) and it was fun. We watched the soccer championship on TV (St. Petersburg vs Moscow! We won!). Her friends are really nice. They taught me how to toast the Russian way, and they all drank a lot of wine. They also asked me for the American opinion on basically everything, which was interesting. Dad and Hannah -- I learned how to say "take it out!" in Russian! Veeniicee! With the accent on the last "ii". I don't really know how to spell it in a way that makes sense, so I'll say it for you later.


Right now I'm at an internet cafe, slowly uploading pictures. Tomorrow I'm heading to Moscow! Woo! I'm going to go buy some food and stuff before I leave. I just wanted to do a quick update before I left. 


From sister who is confuzzled on Mar 9th, 2008

take it out????? I don't even know what that means. Like get it out of our side or what??? Or like pass it to the outside..? lol. OOO i get to miss school next friday because the big south tourniment is three days long. Im really excited. Anddd we have one player with a broken finger, one with a broken toe, and two with torn ligiments in their thumb. We have to be the unlukiest team in the world. :( lol its sort of funny though. except one of the torn ligaments is kinda my fault cause i was the one who served the ball at her. but i really dont think that counts. i watched rent last night!!! stole it from the depths of your room. hehehe

From sister who is awesome on Mar 11th, 2008

hey so in russia do they have this candy made by kinder called bueno they sell it in europe but i didnt know if they sell it russia too. its like the best candy ever. i ordered it on line from london thats how good it is so see if you can find it. ok well im done with the candy rant. thanks for the phone calls and i will be calling you as soon as i figure it out. i love you xoxo