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Fur Hat!

Written on: Friday March 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

So I'm updating quickly again.

We didn't get blini yesterday?instead we had pizza. (Not quite the same, but still delicious). We also had our big meeting of the week and Jessica told us about the rest of our excursions, which I will now list for you.

3/14 «The Cherry Orchard» - Chekov play
3/16 «Zapovednik» - play based on Dovlatov's Zapovednik
3/19 Baltika factory! Yes, as in the beer.
3/27 Ballet «Anna Karenina» (It's a super awesome modernish one.)
4/2 Russian Museum
4/9 The big cemetary that I can't remember the name of, where lots of famous people are buried. We will be giving the tour?she's assigning each of us a grave, and we have to give the tour-like info about it as an oral presentation (in Russian).
4/16 Pushkin (as in Tsarkoe Selo)
4/23 Tour of the rivers and canals, by boat.
4/24 ? 5/4 Sochi!
5/7 Shlisselburg (I don't know how to spell that in English). It's the oldest fort (maybe in Europe?) built by the Swedes.
5/8 Heroes of Leningrad Monument, another graveyard, and the Blockade Museum.

So that's the rest of our planned excursions. Aside from those, I plan to go to Moscow, and I'm also going to see swan lake on the 15th of April (it will be a weekend of culture for me). Hoorah!

After the meeting I went for pizza, and then I met with my politics professor for an interview. He talks so much, but it was awesome because he's ridiculously intelligent and therefore gave an extremely awesome interview. I also announced at the meeting that I'm doing this whole interview thing, and everyone is going to ask their tutors and their host families if I can interview them. Ashley already asked, and her family said yes! So that's 3 more. I'm also doing one on Friday.

The Phillharmonic was awesome last night. The first half was Stravinsky (I suck and can't remember which ones, though the second was based on something by Pushkin and involved singing). The second half was Rimsky-Korsakov (who I know all about thanks to Intro to Russian Civ!), and I do remember that it was Sheherizade (I can spell that in Russian but not in English). After the performance we went to The Other Side and hung out for a bit, but I went home early. I think they stayed out all night.

This morning I slept late. It was lovely. I met Liza and Jessica to go to the banya around 130. It was awesome. About a thousand times better than the other banya we went to. Everything was much, much nicer inside?they took our coats and boots, and we got little lockers and keys to lock our stuff in. The banya itself was also nicer, and there was a pool and a hot tub. They also had a bar with food, but we didn't eat there. It was really relaxing, and once again my skin feels awesome. It's also a banya that is cool with swimsuits, so there was less sketchy nudity. It was nice to go in a small group instead of with like 15 girls.

After the banya we went to Teremok to get blini. It was quite delicious. Jessica and I left Liza then (she lives near that banya) and took the metro back to Nevski, where we then parted ways. I went to the bank and to Dom Knigi, where I bought a copy of Nabokov's Lolita in Russian and some more postcards. I discovered a new favorite activity after leaving Dom Knigi ? I had to walk a couple blocks to get on the metro because between 4 and 6 the entrance I usually use is closed, so I bought a cirok (otherwise known as most delicious substance on earth (chocolate covered cheesecake with fruitfilling)) from a street vendor and started walking. I'm not sure that there is anything more relaxing that strolling down Nevski Prospekt while eating a cirok, having just come from the banya and having bought a new book. It was quite nice.

Anyways, now I'm at home, and I've finished all my homework. Woo!

Adding on:
Today (Thursday) I had class, and then went to the main post office after school to send some postcards. I also went to O'Kei with Liza?she needed to buy a hair straightener, and the one she bought is quite possibly the smallest one I've ever seen.

Liza and I took a trolley to O'Kei from school, and when we walked up to it and got on (it was just sitting there) the driver told us we would have to go wait at the stop. So we had to go sit at the stop, which was 100 meters from where the trolley was sitting, for 15 minutes and watch him sit in the trolley while on his break. It was completely ridiculous.

Adding on again:
Today (Friday) I went to school (obviously). After I waited for Marina to do an interview, but she got held up. So I went to Kazanskii Cobor (church) and hung around for a bit before going home to eat. At 6 Jessica and I met to go buy tickets with her friend Jill from the US. We are officially going to Moscow on Monday night at 8PM, and returning to Piter on Wednesday morning at 6AM. It should be fun. Hoorah!

After that we took Jill to Teremok, sort of like blini McDonalds (otherwise known as delicious). Then I went to The Other Side with my friends for a while and came home early. There was a ska band playing, which was cool.

And Again!

Today we went to Udelnaya again, in pursuit of a fur hat. Which I bought! Hoorah! It's Artic Fox fur. And it's black. And it's awesome.

After the market we went to get pizza, and then I bought a Women's Day/Birthday present for my host mom (her birthday is tomorrow). I got here some chocolate, some flowers and an oven mit, since she's always saying how much she wants a new one.


From Grandpop Baumann on Mar 9th, 2008

Thanks for the Thank you and the postcard. Jim (Mike's dad)gave me the blog info early on - and I've enjoyed your stories. The fur hat will be handy on bad hair days. Enjoy.

From sister who feels bad 4 the fox on Mar 9th, 2008

not liking this whole fur hat thing. at all. whats blini????? Oh and apparently mom and miriam are trying to set caitlin up with my volleyball coach.... freaky. I dont think caitlin knows yet but they kept talking about it at lunch. its extremely weird.

From the set up sister on Mar 10th, 2008

I am aware of the set-up Hannah, I am supposed to take you to volleyball on Tuesday to met said coach. Kate!! I am so proud of all of your musical endeavors!! Stravinsky basically rocks no matter what you heard (hopefully Rite of Spring, the dinosaur part of Fantasia) and I am glad that you haven't died . . . since all of your posts somehow inform us of you abilities to stay alive! I am trying to get on skype more but I suck and I am sorry!! I love you, be safe and stay away from those cold rocks!