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Why Don't You Make Sense?

Written on: Thursday February 21st, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

So this is going to be a long one. Settle down.

Last Thursday was Valentine's Day. A «Valentine's Angel» came to everyone's classes to deliver Valentines. After class I went to get coffee with my friends and then to an internet café.

On Friday I went out with my friends. We ate and went dancing in a very non-sketchy place. It was fun. I also hung out at my friend Nick's dorm. On Saturday I slept late and did homework ? woo.

On Sunday I went to get coffee with my friends and to O'Kei (my new favorite place). I bought stuff to make dinner for my host family, which I did on Monday night. I made a ham and cheese casserole thing?it was pretty delicious. My host mom kept eating it, even though she's «on a diet».

On Tuesday we had our group meeting after classes, and we talked about Pskov. In March we're going to see two plays, one by Chekov and one by someone basing the play on Dovlatov. Next week we're going to the banya (woo!). I'm pretty excited. Don't worry, you'll hear all about it.

After the meeting I went to an art supply store with some friends and got some pastels and a sketchbook. I then went to discussion club (we have to go to three). There weren't many Russians there, but Matvei and I made some new friends who we're going to hang out with next week. After the club I went to a café that's near the consulate with my friends and we hung out with the marines again?Ali seems to have a thing for one of them. They have free wifi there, at the café, which is the main reason I go.

Wednesday we didn't have class or anything, but we went to get student metro cards with Marina. Example of Russian ridiculousness: to get the cards, we first had to go to the end of the green line to the metro office and fill out two identical forms. Then we took the both to the bank about ½ mile away, to get one stamped and pay for the actual card. After completing this step, we walked back to the metro office, where they took our picture and made the card. After that, we had to go to the actual metro (not the same place as the office) to actually put money on the card and activate it. It was worth it, though, because I now get a 50% discount and I get to ride busses and trolleys for free. Ha! Technically we're not supposed to get this card (it's only for Russians who are on scholarship) but someone in ACTR has an in at the metro office.

After the metro adventure, Liza, Ashley and I went to a café, where they got lunch (I packed mine). We then began the dance studio search. The first place we went was yet another example of a time when I want to shake every Russian in sight and yell, «WHY DON'T YOU MAKE SENSE?!?!». Anyways, we found the building?it didn't look like much of anything, but when we walked it there were offices and stores. So we go up to the 3rd floor, which looks like it could be a dance studio, but a woman tells us it's on the 5th floor. So we go up there, but someone tells us it's on the 3rd floor. When we get back, the same woman informs us that she found a guy who knows about the dance studio, and he's the owner of a real estate place (according to his door). He informs us that the studio has moved, and randomly has their new phone number (which he gives us). It as all very strange.

After that we tried to go to Bukvoyed, a bookstore, but the power went out right after we got there. In fact, everywhere in a ½ mile radius of Ploshad Vostanniya (a massive square in the center) was dead for like 3 hours. Even the traffic lights. I did manage to find a dance studio after that, which is kind of in a random place and in a basement. But hey, it works. They have like latin and flamenco, which is cool. I managed to converse with the owner, so that was good. I tried to find another one, but I don't think it really exists.

On Wednesday night I just did homework. That brings us to today. Oh! A woman last night asked me for directions, and not only did I understand, but I was able to answer her question. It was pretty awesome.

Today I came straight home from school to change and do laundry, because we're leaving for Pskov at 630 AM ON SATURDAY MORNING. Not kidding. I'm going to have to lug all my crap to the metro at 600 AM. Anyways, I was out of socks. After washing my clothes, I went to meet everyone at the opera. We saw «Pikovaya Dama», also known as the «Queen of Spades.» It was written by Pushkin and adapted by Tchaikovsky for the stage, but I think he was having a serious off day. It sucked. It was almost nothing like the Pushkin original, and it was long and boring. In the second part, there was a random interlude of dancing with an Arabian caravan, which included people wearing black face and dancing like maniacs. Anyways, the theatre was pretty, and the singing was alright, sometimes. It was free, so no big deal (all official excursions are free). I left during the second break. Today is my friend Zach's birthday, so I went to wish him a happy birthday where everyone had gathered and then came home.

Tomorrow we're getting something for Andrei, the only guy in the second semester group, because Saturday is Men's Day. And then on Saturday we're going to Pskov and not coming back until Monday, so don't expect an update until then.

Lately I've been talking a lot more in class. In Politics on Tuesday I talked a lot, and I've gotten into this habit where I just spit out all the words I want to say and let the teacher correct my cases and pronunciation. It's working well, because I learn how to actually say things. Hoorah! On Tuesday we played the «Two Truths and a Lie» game in Russian, only it was one truth and one lie. Our teachers was the best ? he told us that Putin had a concert in Moscow with Tina Turner (who Putin loves) and Deep Purple (who Medvedev loves). How awesome is that?


From Your Fairy Godmother on Mar 3rd, 2008

So glad you finally updated and brought some excitement into our hum-drum lives! Since you can' take pictures of the metro, save me your metro cards, please. Take care!

From Kelsie on Mar 3rd, 2008

Yay! You finally updated. Sounds like you have been having a good time:)