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Cabbage and the Ballet

Written on: Saturday February 9th, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

Hello, everyone!


So let's see... I left off on Wednesday. Here we go:


On Wednesday I went to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery with my group. First we watched the film "Alexander Nevsky", which was interesting but very old (1930s) and therefore undecipherable. The monastery was cool though--pretty much everyone famous that you could ever want to see is buried there, like Dostoevsky and Glinka and Tchaikovsky. I have lots of pictures, but I just spent the whole afternoon at an internet cafe trying to upload some and failed. So again, they'll come later.

 Afterwards I went to a cool coffee shop with my friends, and then went home and hung around. I tried to get online that night, but couldn't because my host mom was on the phone.


On Thursday I had class, obviously. Oh, did I mention that my journey to the metro became even more ridiculous? I had to climb up a pile of snow and jump over a wall. No joke. After school on Thursday I went to the Russian Museum with my tutor, Katya. It was interesting. I saw a really cool painting called the 9th Wave, a bunch of icons and a bust of Nikolai Gogol. He was a TOTAL creepster. He had a little bob haircut and a shifty mustache--it makes more sense how he could write all that creepy stuff. The guy was insane. 

On the way out of the museum, I got lost. Katya had to leave for class. I spent about 20 minutes trying to find my way out, but I kept ending up in the same room. So eventually I had to ask for directions out of the museum. Gah. I did find the way out, though.

 After the museum, I went to Shokoladnitsa, this cute little cafe. I also found the Main Post Office, which is large and intimidating on the inside. I had to ask a nice babushka for help, and she led me around and told the stamp-lady what I needed. It was awesome.

I also went to Bukvoyed, another book store, and bought a smaller dictionary so I don't have to lug around that 6 pound one anymore. I also got some postcards. It was fun kind of wandering around on my own.

On Friday I had class, no surprise, and after school we all went to a sushi place that has a "happy hour" every day when the sushi is 2 for 1. It was pretty awesome. I also went to the synagogue with my friends and then to Citi Bar, this expat bar near the embassy that has free wifi. That's where I am now.

Today I woke up extremely late, which was nice, and tonight I'm going to the ballet with Liza and her host mom. It's only 200 rubles ($8ish)! We're seeing Giselle. Also, I got a ticket for the Mariinsky in a couple of weeks. Starting in March the tickets get much more expensive, so now was the time.

Tomorrow I'm going to go grocery shopping and bake cookies for my host family. I'm also going to wash clothes. 


This one's a little short, but I'm on my way to the ballet.

Quick note about food: I think I'm going to turn into a cabbage, because I eat about a pound of it every day.




From the sister whos out of names on Feb 10th, 2008

i wish i could go to ballet... we had our last show of into the woods tonight i cried like a baby i cant believe my walker drama life is almost over.... oh my gosh anyway i dont really have anything exciting to say but im going to download skype right now i love and miss you xoxo alisha

From Kelsie on Feb 13th, 2008

Oh I would love to go see a ballet. I'm so happy that you got to see one there. Did I tell you that I'm audition for NYU? On Valentine's Day.

From the sister who has beter names on Feb 16th, 2008

So you could totaally be a cabbage patch kid. Oh and yea I just kinda scanned this one cause its like midnight but i cant sleep because apparently i have the flu (the doctor claims). Which I totally dissagree with. I mean the flu doesnt make u cough. Coughing dieses make you cough. shesh.miss ya like a fat kid misses cake on a diet ~Hannah