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Victory Day!

Written on: Saturday May 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: B Poccuu

Hey everyone! So here's what will probably be my last update while still in Russia, since I come home on Thursday. Weird, I know.


Alright. So since I got back from Sochi I've been pretty productive. On Monday I didn't really do much because I needed to wash all the clothes I wore in Sochi. I did have my final for World Building, and I got the equivalent of an A - I think. I don't know when I get my actual grade.

On Tuesday, though, we had our Oral Interviews for ACTR after school. My interview this time was SO MUCH BETTER than the one in January!! It was amazing. I feel like we had a good conversation. I also steered it so that I could talk about the Orthodox church and my project, which I know all the vocab for. I had just had a presentation earlier in the day in my politics class where I talked about the project too. Afterwards I made a last visit to Dom Knigi and used the FREE INTERNET, which I just found out about. Gah. It's 20 free minutes, and I found out at the end of the semester.

On Wednesday Zach and I got up early to go to the Post Office. I dragged all my books there and sent them home in two packages. The post office lady was realllllly nice--she rewrapped my books (in plastic too) to make them fit better. It was cool. She went out of her way to be efficient and help me. :)

Afterwards Zach and I sort of wandered around the city before meeting Liza and Natasha at the most awesome Mexican restaurant we've been to all semester. It was wonderful. Before hand we fed some pigeons--it was crazy, they like attacked us. We also found the most beautiful/up-scale produkti (mini mart) I've ever seen. It had chandeliers.

After that, we  went to a market near our apartments, where I got some presents (Caitlin and Alisha!). We also made our last trip ever to O'Kei, which is really sad but was really fun. 


On Thursday I had classes of course, and we were really happy for half the day because we thought our last Fonetika class ever was cancelled. We got to watch a really good movie (Ballad of a Soldier) instead. Unfortunately, we were surprised and had it last period instead. ugggggh.

After classes we had our ACTR written test. It took 4 hours and was awful, but I understood a lot more this time around and I think I did pretty well. After the test Rachel, Liz, Meg and I went out for Greek food.


Yesterday was Dyen Pobyedi, aka Victory Day! It's a big deal here, so it was really fun. In the morning I met Rachel, Liz and Meg and we went to the Military (show of strength) parade. There were a lot of people around, and Nevskii was closed down so we got to walk down the middle of the road! After the parade we ate at a newly opened Teremok (mmm blini) and then Meg and I headed to Peterhof. We had every intention of making it back for the parade at 5, but  that didn't work out. However, Peterhof was absolutely GORGEOUS. They turned on the fountains just for the holiday.

We waited in 3 different lines to get there, though. Once we got off the metro we waited for the bus for 30 min, then for tickets for 20, then to get in the park. The fountains were worth it though. Yay! Oh, and one the way there OUR BUS CAUGHT ON FIRE. Not kidding. We stopped on the side of the road, and it was smoking and smelled bad. We didn't even have to get off for him to fix it, though.

By the way, Peterhof is the palace that Peter the Great built, right on the Gulf of Finland. It's like 40 minutes away from the bottom of the metro. 

We didn't get back till about 7, and it didn't start to rain till after we left. At one point we even looked up while we were sitting next to a pond in the park, and the only part of the sky that was blue was right above our heads!


Last night I went home and went to bed, because I had a head ache. I didn't wake up today until 330 PM. I was productive, though. I ran into Jason and Joe at the souvenir fair, and we went to Mars Field and the Summer Gardens before coming here, to Citi Bar.


Tomorrow I'm going to be studying for finals and not doing much. On Monday I've got my finals for Grammar and Oral Practice, one at 11 something and one at 1 something. That night I'm interviewing a bunch of tutors. On Tuesday I have my Phonetics final and we have our end of the semester banquet that night with all the teachers.

Wednesday we can check into the hotel anytime after 12. Our bus for the airport leaves at 330 AM on Thursday. We fly out at 6 AM, have a 3 hour flight, and then arrive in Frankfurt at 7 AM local time. We leave there at 11 AM, have an 8 or 9 hour flight, and arrive in DC at 2 PM local time. Then I get to GA around 630 I think. Yay!


So now for some of the crazy things that happened this week.

On Sunday Zach and I were going home on the metro, and we saw a guy light his ciggarette on the train. Not kidding. He just lit up, and then we got off and he kept smoking it through the station. Even the Russians were weirded out, and they don't get weirded out about ANYTHING. It was crazy!

On Tuesday I got an email from my mom about openings at Camp Misty Mountain in North Georgia for the summer, and I hurriedly applied. My boss at the library at USC, Asheley, is my new favorite person for getting in a recommendation in like 20 minutes. The woman at the camp emailed me back really fast, and we set up a phone interview for Wednesday night. After talking for 10 minutes, she offered me the job! She just wanted to assess my experience with kids. She also needed a teacher for the Dance activity, so hoorah! It's like perfect. I'm sort of glad I didn't get the job at Concordia in Minnesota. I'll be closer to home and I'll have a lot of days off. It also pays pretty well. I went to Misty Mountain for 4 summers when I was younger, so I'm familiar with the camp. I remember how I thought all the counselors were really cool, and it's exciting to get to be one.

It'll be crazy to go from being here, in a crazy busy city, to being on a mountain all summer. I think I'll like it, though. I'll have a lot of time to work on my thesis. Also, Hannah's coming in June to the camp, so I get to mess with her for 2 weeks (haha, Hannah.)


So yay, I have a job. I have to report there next Thursday, the 22nd. She gave me the 24th (my birthday, Alisha's graduation) and (probably) the 29th (Hannah's graduation) off already. yay!'


 This week's weather has been really great. I'm really going to miss this city. I'm ready to go home, but at the same time I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm not here anymore. It will be so strange.

I think that's all for right now. I'll be sure to do another post once I get home, to let you all know I got there and how my culture shock is going. It will be so weird to be in a place where English isn't the secret language anymore. We won't be able to talk about people right next to them anymore, and I'm sure I'll accidentally talk in Russia A LOT. Oh well.




From The cutest sister on May 11th, 2008

Heyyyyy! Guess what? You'll be home in time to help me with my Spanish final. Fun right? And I believe that I'll be the one annoying you at camp. Since you know that's my job and all. Ahahahahaha. Ugh I got sunburned yesterday. And all that can happen to you is wind burn. hehe. jkjk. Seee ya. p.s. I got to this blog first. bam!

From mom on May 11th, 2008

Sounds like a great day. Got your message this morning. Thanks!See you on Thursday. Love, Mom

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