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Kosgoda 2008

Written on: Tuesday April 8th, 2008

You'll all be pleased to hear that I am no longer in the UK ! On the Frankfurt to Colombo flight I was sitting nxt to a very glamourous woman of 75, who was travelling onto New Delhi and she was German. My German I admit is not quite what it was, but we conversed for many moments along the way. Needless to say through the stilted banter between the two off us, neither of us got much sleep, infact i managed ein stunde (1 hour). I arrived in Colombo 1 hour late at 11:30 and was not informed of the bomb, that had just gone off near us an hour before. They really try to protect you as a westerner here. I met other volunteers at the orientation evening and travelled down to Kosgoda this afternoon. The humidity is a devil and my feet and face are slightly puffy from the jet lag and lack of sleep. Forget hot water from the shower or taps, its cold all the way, but as it is 89F at the moment (sorry to rub that one in). Tomorrow morning we leave for work at 8am and start working on a building site, a bit of demolition work is involved I have been told. One of the volunteers takes Joga on the beach at 6:45, so I may end up there first.It is currently 08:55pm and we have thundery showers, which could mean that the electricity goes off, which also means the fans go off, obviously not good.


woke up at 6:45am and walked along the beach before breakfast at 7:30. Walked to the building site and examined with raised eyebrow the challenge to level off the foundations of this building being rebuilt from the Tsunami disaster. We had two wheelbarrows, one with holes (ideal) and 2 pics and 3 spades. (There are 11 volunteers here). I was a barrower for the morning. We worked from 8:15-11:30 in intense heat, having a couple of breaks, I actually didn't realise i had sweat glands before, my t shirt was soaked. We walked back down the railway track to our accomodation, literally on the railway track and I saw lots of black spider monkeys. They are however very cunning and far too fast for the camera. The mosquitos are great, my feet have been bitten ALOT and are swollen and puffy (painting a good picture i feel !). Lunch at 12:30, if you decide you want some and then at 1:30, prepare for your teaching class. These kids are offered free English classes at Kosgoda Community Project as private tuition is very expensive and these kids are poor. Jeanie, Angie and Myself have had the pleasure of taking on the rowdy boys, who are little monkeys, but also angels. 3-5pm teaching. 6:30 dinner. Beer after teaching at only pub on road and then bed. Please note this is what i will be doing for 12 weeks. The timetable does not change that much !

Angie and Jeanie are my roomies, Angie works in PR for the Ambulance Service, 41 and Jeanie, a driver for Tesco, 49. We get on really great and will be sad when they leave in 3 weeks time.

Repeating same thing on Wednesday, except have an evening class from 7:30-9pm, when all the men/boys from the village come into the centre for conversational English

For the evening class Angie talked solidly for an hour and a half, for the first time in my life I was just lost for anything to say. These boys/men dont drink, dont have girlfriends, dont drive, dont go on holidays, very rarely leave home, come from families of 6-9 members and have never set foot out of Sri Lanka. What do you talk about?


Day off building site and cleaning out the turtles, teaching from 3-5pm. Lesson plan completed.

Cleaned the turtles quarters by emptying the water out and scrubbing the holdings with coconut shells, only 2 scrubbing brushes provided, which looked worse for wear. We then pumped water back in from the sea, through a tiny Honda generator.

Had a new boy come into class today, he kept telling me he was 15 and winking at me, either that or he has a nervous twitch. All the boys in my class are between 11 and 14, possibly 15 and look about 9-10, they are all so teeny weeny and very sweet.

Kamal, who i call Goofy, is my favourite, but admittedly would benefit from some dental treatment, was saying to me `camera, camera', other volunteers were taking pictures and the children pose and just love seeing themselves in photos. Its really quite emotional sometimes and ive only been here 4 days.

Tomorrow, off to Kandy for weekend with the volunteer clan

Tuesday 12th of February 08

Please dont worry that i havn't been in touch via text or telephone anyone. I am unable to use a Sri Lankan sim card as my phone is blocked and the phone here is either locked away at night, when you guys are just getting home from work or access code to dial out is not working.

Anyway Kandy was a whirlwind weekend and i was looking forward to coming back to the `ranch' to chill out. We went to a tea plantation, spice garden, the botannical gardens, batik factory, woodcarving factory and went to see the famous Kandy dancers (which i have video footage to show you all). We were frisked 3 times by security and Sri Lankan police and military,before entering The temple of the tooth in Kandy, lined up in the sweltering heat for 30 minutes, ushered along, went past a small window, paid a donation and realised in a split second we'd missed the silver casket that contains Budda's tooth, so a couple of us felt like planks and couldn't stop laughing. We thought we would be ushered into a room to see the tooth in its full glory. Went for a meal in the evening which was traditional and very tasty, which cost 100 rupees, which is roughly about 50p.


Sweat today was pouring into my eyes, even though i was wearing a cotton scarf on my head, looking like a throwback from Fame.I was swinging the hoe/pic in a temperature of about 95F. Went for a walk with the gang after building site and burnt my feet and forehead.

Teaching my class today was a nightmare, they have the attention span of me, when I'm at work !!

x Tami

PS. will upload some photographs as soon as I have found a PC which does not give me an electric shock when you put the camera cable in.

Wednesday pm, evening class with 19 and 20 year old boys, was told that I would be teaching conversational English myself, due to Angie making a trip to th police station to writea report, as her phone has vanished in a tuk-tuk (3 wheeler, think New Delhi). After last week when I had lost all ability to speak I went to the pub and had a beer, it certainly did the trick and i rambled on for an hour and half about the prison system, unemployment (surprise, surprise, had to get it in somewhere !), schooling, New Years 13-14th of April celebrations etc. Basically bored them to death for the period of time pulling funny faces and asking them if they were still awake. I think they enjoyed it, i'll know next week, when i see how many turn up again.

Every full moon is a Poya day and we have one this Wednesday, which means a day off from the project and the chance to not sweat my own body weight at the building site.

Friday 15th

After the building site we (10 of us) jumped on a rain to Unawatuna, which is on the coast, round from Galle. This is where i am writing this from. The train journey in itself was like something you just couldn't make up, first of all we had a blind man moving through the carriages singing with a tambourine, another blind boy with white cane selling scents and chanting, people selling fresh prawns served in newspaper, fresh as fresh could be on a packed train, smelling of sweat with heat in the 90's. I have come across people with missing limbs begging and a man who had an arm growing out of the back of his neck.

Our hotel Banana Garden is right on the beach and me and my roomies are sharing once again. We arrived here about 5 last night and met up with other volunteers at 9, where we went to eat and then go clubbing, Sri Lankan style. Just a very bizarre day in general. We bid farewell to 4 of our fellow building crew in the afternoon and are awaiting new arrivals on Monday. Aren't they in for a shock!

This morning woke up with a muzzy head, sat on the beach front had breakfast. Freshly squeezed pineapple juice, 2 hard boiled eggs, toast and jam, 2 black coffees, due to being out late and then went for a swim in the sea at 8am. I am heading back here next weekend as Rachel has finished the project, but staying down here for the week. Besides its so nice to be able to stay in a hotel and have air con and HOT WATER, as the project just has running cold water.

We have been trying to get to the bottom of who actually owns the building site and I believe I have the answer. We are taking the ground down to the original foundations, before it was hit by the tsunami, the family who once lived there have been in temporary accomodation, funded by the government since 2004. The Red Cross are also involved along the way, but in fairness trying to get any real answers out of Dudley (project co-ordinator) is like getting blood from a stone.

Yesterday someone turned up at Dudleys, with 100 turtle eggs, the locals collect them or poach them, whichever way you wish to look at it and take them to Dudley and receive 10 rupees each. We've buried them in the sand and they should hatch in 2 months. We are releasing 20 baby turtles next week.

Apologies to all, have just got back from our weekend away to reread my blog, the spelling mistakes are apalling, considering i spent 3 hours in an internet cafe downloading photos onto CDs and writing what i thought would be mildly humourous. AND the only picture that managed to upload was of a bloody turtle..!

Tuesday 19th of February 08

Tomorrow is Poya day, full moon day, which is always a bank holiday in Sri Lanka, I am off down to the coast for the day, as the train costs less than 50p and takes an hour and half. However it also means that they dont serve any alcohol, which is much needed.

Thursday i will be back to the grindstone cleaning out the turtle poo and washing their shells with sand to get off the green algae, its just such glamourous work, but someones got to do it !


We have been allocated a new building project helping builders with the second storey of a house, which is funded by the Netherlands Red Cross, its more rewarding than the last, because at least we have the full story and are helping the family and builders involved. After the Tsunami they were all given ration books and received 200rupees per week (approx 1 pound) and food rations of Dhal, Rice, Sugar and salt. It also doesn't seem as back breaking as the last building project, so maybe that helps too. I may have spoken too soon.

Friday, heading down to Hikkaddua for the weekend with Rachel, who completed her project last week (after a stint of 12 weeks, mental health nurse in the NHS)and has been chilling in Unawatuna ever since.

You'll be pleased to hear that it rained buckets tonight and the sea was really rough, thank God the quake in Indonesia didn't cause a tsunami, although there was a warning, but was called off. (wednesday 20th of Feb 08)

Thursday 21st of Feb 2008. Made a hole in the sand today and dug down to release 50 + turtle hatchings, who would normally make their way to the surface of the sand naturally. We went out onto the beach at 8:30 tonight and released them into the sea, there was a mass exodus of baby turtles striding out towards the waves, pretty cool moment..

Some facts: Sri Lankans have a rather unsettling nod that they do, rather like a nodding dog on the passenger shelf of your car. Start you head swaying to the left and the right and pretend your on a train jiggling up and down or in an old style mini.

It is illegal to smoke in public places and the death penalty is inforced for any drug taking (dont tell the hippies in Hikkaddua or Unawatuna).

People hang out of trains .. I have tried, admittedly the train was going fairly slow at the time. Buses are rammed packed, people sitting, standing, hand stands, trying to fit onto the luggage racks and play music really loud with all the windows open. People jump off and on them selling things, even when the bus is moving. Bought a poster, presume its religious, but looks like a flyer to an early rave I once went to.

Some Sri Lankan men feel the urge to rub up against you and indulge themselves on unsuspecting white women.

Sri Lankans do not use toilet roll, never travel around without a piece or two or a couple of sheets if you've eaten curry and rice for breakfast or dhal.

Spent the weekend at Hikkaddua and burnt my forehead of all places (Again!)

We're heading off to another house tomorrow. The family need help in order to be completed by April, due to the funding from the Red Cross. We will be lugging breeze blocks via a chain gang, to make the job easier for the builders. The mosquitos really know how to have a good time, my feet are no longer swollen but now resemble an intricate dot to dot. I also decided to drop a rock out of the wheelbarrow which landed on my leg, thankfully it was so hot, the blood just congealed.

Jeanie left on Friday and Angie is leaving tomorrow, I will then move in with Rachael (who's on the turtle conservation project).

The bus journey back from Hikkaddua to Kosgoda was frightening. I just kept thinking what would be worse, a bomb or crashing, the reason being that the buses are jammed packed, so overcrowded, again people hanging from the doors. All the windows were open and the drivers driving like a bloody lunatic, no footwear, screeching to a stop for passengers, who flag them down. It appears that there isn't a speed limit. They drive on the same side as as as have A and B roads, probably from the colonial influence.

There was a bomb blast yesterday at Mount Lavinia junction. A woman noticed a suspect parcel on a bus, notified the driver who evacuated everyone. The driver and co driver took the bus to a quieter area and whilst they were on the phone to inform the police, the bomb exploded. 17 people were injured, but none from the bus itself. All by standers. The president rang the lady personally and thanked her for her vigilence.

This is my only source of amusement in the evenings during the week, so write an amusing comment, just remember that everyone else can also read them ! or email tamariskevans@yahoo.co.uk. We have no TV, no radio. All the magazines have been thumbed through, over and over..and theres only so many books you can read.

Let me know if there are any questions that you think of or would like to know about. Answers on a postcard !

Today (Tuesday 26th of Feb 08) and yesterday. Another building site, 2 people used pics/hoes to move soil from a huge pile and into the foundations of the house, to build up the interior floor and 3 of us moved bricks from a spot about 10 yards from the house to the house itself, again to help the builders get the property up before the Red Cross funding runs out. Yesterday we were given a coconut with the hole cut out of the top, to drink fresh coconut juice and then cut in half afterwards, to eat the white flesh. I can get 17 bricks into my bog standard gardening wheelbarrow and am developing muscles like Arnie and I bet theres not many people who can say that.

Today we met the woman who will eventually live in the house. They lost everything in the tsunami and her husband is in the Air Force. Again, moved bricks nearer to the builders to use and between the three of us, shifted a lot. I get a great deal of satisfaction from seeing the work that we have contributed towards at the end of each day on the building sites. Instant gratification. For break, we were given hot sweet tea in small glasses and rice parcels with curry.

My teaching plan today went really well and I am drilling words associated with clothing. I went into town after class via bus, to get some photocopying done for the childrens class tomorrow, from a very handy reference book I found gathering dust in our resource cupboard in the community centre. I returned by tuk tuk to watch the sunset, whilst sitting on the beach with remaining volunteers.

There are not many resources here, so if you do stumble across a book or anything helpful for lesson plans you hold onto it for the duration.We also went through vowels (aeiou) and constonents, a man, an elephant, an igloo, get the jist? They have picked it up really fast. Tomorrow, they will be working from pictures of clothing (photocopied a workbook each) and trying to match them to the correct relevant word. A gecko joined us at the dinner table this evening. Last night we released some more turtles and a new batch will have hatched by the morning. I have a couple of photos, but when you try to take pictures, they start to waddle frantically towards the camera flash, so we try not to diorientate them too much.

Tomorrow 8:00 - 11ish building site, 1-3 lesson planning for classroom, 3-5 teaching little ones, 7:30-9 teaching conversational English to locals.

Friday 29th of Feb

The building project today was based at our accomodation `the ranch' as Dudley (project co-ordinator) has ripped through 2 bedrooms to build another 2 bathrooms (ensuite). Caroline and I wheelbarrowed piles of builders rubble over the road and onto the beach (dont ask!)

13 children turned up to my class today, I had only photocopied 12 each and that was just in case. I split the class into two and had the older ones trying to play Guess who, asking questions off the whiteboard. Does he have brown hair. It went down like a lead balloon and played it in Sindalese. I gave the younger group worksheets and we tried to construct sentences. They're really working hard for me now and i tend to shout listen or sit down far less.

Spoke to soon, dismissed my class early yesterday as they were so hyper-active. Today taught them opposites of things, up-down, light-dark, light-heavy, old- young. It absolutely poured it down overnight and on the building site this morning I had to walk through a massive puddle, although we did comment that they had seen a lot worse, obviously. The mud was cloggy and the humidity was unbearable, we had sweet tea at breaktime. An elderly couple were hoeing and filling our skillets full of soil to throw into the foundations of the house, to build up the floor level. It turns out they are the parents of the son who is in the air force who is moving into the house on completion. Evening class went very well this evening pairing up with Rachael from Blackburn, and next week they want to go through pronunciations.

Tomorrow is turtle poo day.

The fireflys are out in force tonight, lighting up the sky.

Lisa R. I have taken a picture of a bus for you today, very random request, I have to say, usually they move so fast you havn't a hope, but this one had pulled up at the side of the road.

Dear Kirsty and faye, how the hell you find my secretive blog? Last standing is Sophie and Myself, with Turtle Rachael leaving tomorrow. We decided to gain supplies tonight after our 6:30 tea lockdown. We have also gained Abby, who is 30 and leaving in another 4 weeks, 6 weeks prior to term being served. During lockdown I thought it would be really good idea to scale wall with new gap year students torch and go the pub for further supplies, Arrack and Lion . I came back from the pub which was shut, empty handed and tried to scale the wall back into the compound from the community centre side, the kids always do it to collect a football, I just assumed that I would be agile enough to do the same !! It took me 20 mins to do so, hanging off the wall, trying to will myself to get over, thinking if my life depended on this, id have been toast, with visions of Abby ringing Dudley, to explain my wherabouts !! (only you'd understand). Well YES IM STILL HERE .....) We're currently down to 5 after losing Damo last week, which was really sad as theres no one around to wind me up and we gain 9 x19 year old gap year students next week.

Love to both, hope you enjoyed Cambodia and will hook up with photographs when I get back. Took 1 hour last night to attach 4 photos to this blog.

Big Hugs The Tamster xx

My philosophy (spelt wrong i know) in life is to treat everyone the same. This is Karma country, buddhist country.

I have met a Sri Lankan boy (29) who showed me this weekend the real Sri Lanka, we toured on his motorbike (minus crashhelmets here and there) from 8am-5pm at night. I ate bread and curry in the Christian sector of SL and drank stupid amounts of coca cola, he probably weighes about 8 and half stone. We went back to his cousins house, a plot of land with 1000 tsunami homes this particular plot of land sponsered by China. I went inside and drank tea (very sweet) with bananas and biscuits.

The tourist season finishes in April, when the rain comes and the temprature rises. The lack of Tourism has badly affected SL, not purely down to the tsunami but also the relentless bombing from the LTTR in the North and the East of the island.(Tamil country).

The tamils were inclusively English speaking until the British government gave back ceylon in 1948. Since then they reverted back to Sinhalese, which irrated the Tamils. I suppose think Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.

The Australian Government website apparantly states that you should not travel to SL fullstop, however the British website recommends not travelling to the East or Tamil North.


Ive started to hear voices, which keeps everyone else entertained within the confines of our prison walls.

The Tamster over and out (what did you say?)

Happy St Paddys day to you all

I am leaving the project on the 28/03 with Abi, Becky and Mai. I am heading down the coast and volunteering at an orphanage, where the help is most needed. I have been told so many lies about the project whilst I have been here, and because of this, many volunteers are also leaving early. (It has the higher rate of volunteers leaving early than any other project) There is no longer an urgent need to rebuild after the tsunami and most sri Lankans were rehoused in the 1st year, thanks to financial help from England, Japan, China and Germany, many from the military and volunteers. I have decided to leave to see the other side of Sri Lanka, the side culturally everyone should see. My project co-ordinators attitude is that we should not speak to the locals and only interact with other white people (hence being on lockdown 24-7).

I am enjoying the SL culturally at weekends but feel that the lies told during the project do NOT warrant staying, pursuing something, that really does not exist.

I am sorry to leave, but leaving at the same time as my friends, who are travelling onto Thailand. I will update you on the project at the orphanage, which I suspect will give me a better view of Sl. The orphanage is independent of the i-to-i company I originally came with and is run by Sri Lankans who desperately need volunteers to play/help with the children, who do go to school during the day.

I went to see the part owner of the orphanage on Saturday in Unawatuna, down the south coast and he will give me a guided tour on Saturday. I am also going to drop into the volunteer centre in Hikkaduwa, where I will be staying and seeing if there is anything local to me.

Today we dug the foundations of Dudleys turtle farm and hundreds of bits of asbestos, infact so much asbestos, that some volunteers were so outraged that he hadn't bothered to mention it and therefore allowing everyone to make an informed decision about working with it, they decided not to work. We dug about 6-10 inches down, to put up some new fencing but also to dig up the stones in the footings for the builders to use for Dudleys ensuite toilets he's decided to build for future volunteers, rather than investing the money into a photocopier, cricket bats or generally things for the community centre which would help with the teaching and provisions of the"community", which is a real shame and very short sighted.

Love to all x

Teresa It wont be long and i'll be back at work, can tell you all about it, thanks for the offer of magazines, but do have access to a tv now, keeping me slightly in touch with the outside world !

Yesterday 30/03 I went to the orphanage and met the children, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. There are 7 girls and 5 boys. Most are there because they come from big families (9 siblings etc) and their parents can no longer afford to keep them. The house is funded by Sri Lankans, who moved to America. With the Sri Lankan New Year coming up (14/15th of April) they have been given new clothes and new earrings for the girls. I was the only volunteer there and showed them how to use Paint on Microsoft, something a bit fun, but gets them used to using the mouse.

Went back to the orphanage today, took a bus from Hikkaduwa (where I am now staying) to Galle and then another bus about 2-3km from Galle and walked 3 miles offroad to the orphanage. The experience was great, lots of people shouting hello and waving. Played with the smaller children for a couple of hours before the older boys and girls finished school, asked for a glass of water, which i suspect came from the well and got the children to play with Paint on Microsoft again, making sure they all took it in turns. I bought them all a textbook, so that they can write how to access different programmes on the PC. Unlike the children in Kosgoda, they were all very polite and each thanked me with a smile. Again, I was the only volunteer there today, but I do know that 3 English girls are volunteering there off and on for the month, because I met them last week. I think they go at weekends.

Not long now before I am back in the UK, cold, wet and windy. Rather than uttering the words `I'm hot" I will be saying `I'm cold'. Will be planning my next trip back I'm sure. It's still about 90f at the moment but the monsoon season hits at the end of this month into May.

If I was still on the project I would have had 1 week off for New Year. I will probably be invited to someone's family home for NY, where people exchange money, buy new clothes and eat and drink. I will NOT be drinking the local Arrack, because it makes me goo gar.

love to all xx

Sometimes not understanding the lingo has its disadvantages, I arrived at the orphanage today at 2pm and grasped that they were all off to English lessons at the school from 3-5pm, so just let them play around on the computers until 3 and then promptly left. Tomorrow is my day off.

At sunset tomorrow a French girl is giving a concert on her accordian, so want to be around for that and mix with the local ex pat hippies. My friend Tam, who came to Sri Lanka with i-to-i, will be returning nxt Monday. She originally went to an orphanage outside of Colombo (and we all met up at the weekends). She also found that there were problems with her project. After braving the UK weather for a week and a half, shes coming back, which means we will be double the trouble at the orphanage for the nxt 2 weeks (hurrah). She also worked for Toni and Guy in London, so im hoping for a cheap haircut. It also means that we will probably have a full on New Years and need a month to get over the celebrations !

I have a new friend, he's followed me for the last 4 days to the orphanage and waits for me to leave and follows me to the bus stop. He's a stray dog !

Thought of the day

Do you know how difficult it is to wash your clothes in a sink with a plug that lets all the water out?

Update and final thoughts on Blog

I'm off to the orphanage today and Tam has brought with her some fantastic resources to teach the children. To get to the orphanage I take a bus to Galle, which is approximately 45 mins and then take another bus from the bus station, approx 4-5 miles outside of Galle and then walk for approx 2-3 miles to the orphanage through the new motorway thats being built, where I also get to shout and wave to the locals to my hearts content.

I'm sure from here on in, there will be nothing much to report. When I was in Kosgoda, the blog started to become boring. Everyday became exactly the same, as you can see.

6:45-7am get up

7:30 Breakfast

8am Walk to building site

11-11:30 walk back from building site

12:00 lunch

1:30-2pm lessons planning for teaching

3-5pm teaching

5pm-6:20 go to local have a beer and watch the sunset

6:30 dinner

7-7:30 front gates locked

8-9:30 Bed 

I'm back in a couple of weeks, back to normality and the British cold weather. Unless something spectacular happens untill then, I think the blog has run its natural course.

I appreciate all the support I have been given and cant wait to show you the pictures when I return.

See you all at work on the 02nd of May and my friends in Church Stretton much sooner.

xxx Much love Tami 


From Kevin on Feb 6th, 2008

Om behalf of Middle Marches Lions well done on getting there. Look forward to the updates. Kevin

From gemma on Feb 12th, 2008

Hi Tammy, Keeping an eye on you,well you said you wanted to lose sme weight.Glad you are doing ok.Tony sends love.xxx

From sandra. on Feb 14th, 2008

Hi Tammi, sorry i missed goodbye drink,will have a welcome home one when you get back-in the meantime i will follow your progress with interest. By the way Kelly had baby boy on Friday 8th, bit early but both ok. take care xx

From Lisa HJ on Feb 15th, 2008

Hello, How's it going over there? What's the food like?

From Ali Jones on Feb 15th, 2008

Yo Evans !!!!! keep up the good work mate.

From Mum on Feb 16th, 2008

Lovely to hear all is well and to hear your voice, take care darling love you loads

From Rachel Lloyd on Feb 16th, 2008

Thanks for the text, nice to get a crazy message. lol. piccie is lovely, glad you are doing all the fantastic things you wanted. love ya babe x x

From Miss Riley on Feb 19th, 2008

Chip, thanks for text and the photos, Looks like to much fun to me!!!!! Take care and text you over weekend.

From Mum on Feb 19th, 2008

Oh, make the most of your day off and yes your new project does sound more hopeful, love from Dad & me, Mum xxx

From Lloydy on Feb 21st, 2008

Looks really nice there babe, shame you are working really. keep up the good work x

From Mum on Feb 21st, 2008

Releasing turtles sounds fun, not so sure about some of the other stuff though. You said that toilet roll would come in handy! love from us both

From sally s on Feb 24th, 2008

Hi Tammi, What an experience! you lucky thing, the cold water sounds good given the heat and just think how you will appreciate all mod cons when you get back, look after yourself and take care, Sal S x

From Miss Riley on Feb 25th, 2008

Take a pic of one of the buses mate, hope you are well?

From Mum on Feb 27th, 2008

What a busy bee, great to get your update. We will look forward to seeing the new super fit you,lots of love, Dad & Mum xx

From lloydy on Feb 28th, 2008

Well done darling, sounds like you are having a great time!! Thanks for the nice texts, glad you are finding some time to have fun. Nice piccie of you lol looking hot and sweaty. I am off to see Alicia Keys tonight so will think of you whilst i'm there. love you babe x x x

From Miss Riley on Mar 5th, 2008

Hello mate, hope you are well, wee need updating on whats happening?? Take caree-mail or text u over weekend x

From Tamarisk on Mar 5th, 2008

I would love to add more photographs, but it has taken me 1 hour trying to put additional 4 on !

From Mum on Mar 5th, 2008

Great to get some new pics, shame it is such a problem to upload them! It's good to see you - looking like a lobster - which brings me to the turtles, that's not soup is it? Keep on with the washing I'll save some for you when you get home, lov you loads, love from Dad xx

From Kirsty & Faye on Mar 5th, 2008

Yo The Tamster! We love your blog :-) We miss you and it brings back great memories. Don't be in a rush to come home we wish we were still with you. The ranch sounds like a demolition site - HA HA HA!! Take care. Lots of love Kirsty and Faye

From lloydy on Mar 6th, 2008

nice piccies babe, your tan (lol) is to die for. lets hope it calms down soon. you are looking suprisingly well considereing the amount of work it sounds like your doing. will speak to you soon gorgeous x x love you x

From Theresa on Mar 9th, 2008

Hi there, good to see you're enjoying life, if you have a postal address let us know, can get mags sent out to you.

From miss Riley on Mar 13th, 2008

Hello mate, soz i have let e-mails slip,been busy, as prob you have,keep up the good work and not long now until you are back. Take care missing you!

From Theresa on Mar 31st, 2008

Hi There, how you doing, haven't seen much on the Blog recently just wondering what you are up to. Take care and see you soon

From Miss Riley on Apr 2nd, 2008

Hello mate, sound like you are getting more out of this, than you did before. glad you are ok, keep the blogg up mate and not long now until you are back, dont forget my prezzie, LOL

From Miss Riley on Apr 7th, 2008

Thanks for the photos of the bus and the others, mate you look so brown, are you sure you have been working??? now only 14 days t go. see you soon xxx