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"Forget About It"

Written on: Monday April 23rd, 2007

A journal entry from: East Coast USA

The accents here are pretty sweet. Just like the movies, as they say. Day one was raining, but we still got some sight seeing in. NY pizza and NY lights. H&M has been a major stop for the shopping.

Went to a club...."The Manor"...$30 cover....very expensive. luckily we knew someone to get us in. For future reference, going to a club early and sitting down doesn't mean you can stay in that seat and/or table. After being there for a little over an hour, our table was bought! These guys migrate in around us and were asking us what we were doing at the table. Basically told use to screw off. They were guys all wearing cheap suits trying to be high rollers. Very strange....money makes things go in New York. True new york rude attitude unfortunately. Somehow managed to make it home on the subway after many drinks and a couple missed stops. Did the walk through the SOHO, china town, and wall street the next day. SOHO is kits meets English bay meets yaletown. Statue of liberty...lots of pizza...stereotypical stuff for newyork. It was so windy. Saw Rent on the last night. Pretty good. Broadway shows are quite unique. Much better than a DVD musical. Flight home was a disaster. All flights through Chicago were canceled because of a storm. They wanted me to take a flight 26 hours later... ended up going to LA and sleeping over there on a wood bench. Lost my bag and made me going through special security clearance screening. Back at 11am....midterm at noon. It has been a too fast and tons of fun...back to reality.