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Back in Germany

Written on: Friday September 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: Oktoberfest 2007

Oktoberfest!!! Flew into Leipzig to meet Sven  and spend the first night in Germany at his parents place. Early Friday morning we headed out on the autobahn to Munich. We actually stayed in Mering with Sven's brother just a short 30 train ride out of Munich. Friday afternoon we took the train into the city to meet Sean as he just arrived from Marcelle, France. Headed to the nearest beer hall to have some Wheat beer (Weiss) at Schneider Weiss. They also had good food but we opted to save some money went for some extremely salty pretzels. Kept it an early night as the festivities started early on Saturday (midnight). Saturday morning we got up early and jumped on the train. Kinda weird rushing into town just to spend a lot of money on beer and meat. Some potatoes too. We met Nichole at the train station on the way in. There were about 14 beer halls and all of them were absolutely packed. We were lucky to get half a bench in Beer Tent serving Paulaner. Arrived at ten and waited till the opening ceremonies started at noon. After that, not much else can be said. One liter beers, schnitzel, and sausages....cheese buns too. There were so many people that everyone eventually started standing on the benches. Met up with a Buddy from UBC that has been living in Europe for the last year. Servers brought out 12 full one liter mugs at a time. Apparently they get paid 6000 euros for 14 days of work. Very hard work I might add. We did make it home safe at the end of the night and only pictures can describe the days events correctly. The next morning we headed into town for a lighter day and met one of Sven's friends.  Went to the Lowenbrau tent where where is a giant robotic lion that moves. Had a couple beers and toured around scenic Munich for the rest of the day. The weekend went by fast and before we knew it we were back in Leipzig at Sven's parents. Tried to get a tour of the new BMW 3 series Factory near his house but it was booked. It is less than a year old, supplies the worlds 3 series models, and has over 60,000 employees. Back to cold London from Sunny warm Germany. No more meat of beer for a while I think.


From Estella on Jun 13th, 2011

Haha. I woke up down today. YouÂ've cheeerd me up!