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Buying the Ticket

Written on: Friday November 16th, 2007

A journal entry from: Onward Bound

Dearest Friends and Family,
Because so many of you have been inquiring, questioning, and hinting at whether or not I've booked my trip (I'm sure you were beginning to wonder if I was ever going to make the journey at all), and after hearing my procrastination day after day and week after week, I am happy to tell you that I finally made a decision and committed to it.  I did indeed promise that I would let you know - and I thank you all for the much needed push, and your fine, gentle support!  My flight departs Vancouver, Canada on December 26, 2007 and arrives in London, England the following day where I will spend the rest of the festive season with friends and family.  As of January 7, 2008 I will officially be in Mysore, India where I am scheduled to begin a two month yoga intensive.  If I want to make use of my return ticket back to Canada from the UK, it must be used within 365 days.  Who knows how long I'll be in India - I could stay there for the entire duration of my time away, or perhaps by August I would have moved on to Africa or China.  After all, Beijing is hosting the summer Olympics next year... but then again there is something about Kilimanjaro that keeps on calling, and calling.... who knows... anything could happen... For now I'm just so relieved, and quite frankly pleased as punch that an initial flight has been booked.  Before the year is through I will be off of North American soil!  No turning back now.
Love, Light, and Peace,