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O that burns!

Written on: Friday July 25th, 2008

A journal entry from: Israel 2008

Hello good people!

I apologize for not writing in a few days, we've been driving a lot and it just been hectic. So lets see, Wednesday Daniel and I went to the beach again for a couple hours and Daniel actually ended up getting extremely burned! I feel very bad for the poor guy because now he's in a lot of pain and its hard for him to sleep so please pray that he will get better quickly! After the beach we headed over to Barry and Dahlia's (Adam's parents) house in Yavne'el to stay with them for the night. Dahlia cooked us an incredible pasta dinner and made some delicious homemade cheesecake. It was very nice to have a home cooked meal again. Dahlia is an extremely talented artist who makes beautiful pictures all out of markers/pen. Ever since she moved to Israel years ago they have all been in Hebrew but she explained all of them to us. Every picture is based on a different scripture verse and has several hidden symbols in it. Daniel purchased a beautiful piece from her. Then on Thursday morning we left after breakfast to go on a hike. We drove past the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee) on our way there. The hike is called Yehudia and it took us about 4 hours. The best thing about the hike is that there are many waterfalls and pools along it and at some points you actually have no choice but to swim across the pools in order to continue the hike. But the water was extremely refreshing on such a hot day. After completing the hike, we headed back towards Jerusalem to stay with Adam and Bethany. So that night we went out with Michael to a great restaurant called Focaccia where I enjoyed an incredible burger (yay for American food!) and Daniel and Michael dined on the restaurants specialty, focaccia. Then Michael's girlfriend, and Adam and Bathany's housemate, Christen, joined us at Egon, a hookah bar, for hookah and beer. I was completely exhausted from the hike so we ended the night early in order to get a good nights sleep. Friday, or today, we lazed around for a majority of our time before shabbat services. Then we had a delicious dinner with the family and some friends before relaxing together and watching Juno. So today was mainly a chill day.

 Now it's time to hit the hay and the camera isn't near me so I'm gonna have to upload the pictures in the morning so stay tuned. Peace and love ya'll.