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Written on: Tuesday July 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Israel 2008

Well lets see...

 Since I last blogged I had my first taste of Ethiopian food, traveled to Tel Aviv, got a tan on the beaches of the Mediterranean, almost hit about 14 people on mopeds, and discovered "probably the best beer in the world."

Let break that down.

 Sunday night instead of getting sushi Eliana, Joy, Peter, Daniel and I went out for Ethiopian food. I don't know if you have ever had Ethiopian food so let me explain the way it is served to you. Generally you eat the food with your hands and it is served to you on this huge piece of bread....if it can be called bread. It's more like a sponge. Yeah...sponge. I was not huge on the bread/sponge but the Tibs (diced beef, onions and chilli pepper) were delicious. After our meal, Joy and Peter dropped Eliana, Daniel and me off at the Old City so we could see it at night. Then we met up with Daniel's old friend Karen and her friend from Norway at a hookah bar and enjoyed smoking and drinking for several hours. Then we crashed.

Monday morning after breakfast we headed off to Tel Aviv where we are staying with our old family friend, Denise. She is literally the sweetest lady I have ever met. And fluent in Russian, may I add. Tel Aviv is a much bigger city than Jerusalem and has a much more Western feel to it with the tall buildings that resemble cities in America. A lot of the people here drive mopeds...and not very well. They pop out of nowhere and just weave through traffic! 

After settling in, Daniel and I hit the beach. Ok... GORGEOUS! It was very nice to chill and drink Red Bull (once again our unofficial, official sponsor of the trip (it was for our Colorado trip as well)) for several hours. Around sunset we took some pictures so I'll upload those. The sand is so soft and the water is the perfect temperature. I could happily live on the Mediterranean beach for the rest of my life. 

Today we went to the market/bazaar where I basically went crazy with overloaded excitement. Needless to say, I found quite a few things to buy. We ate at a nice restaurant right outside the market and found a drink coaster for Carlsberg beer that carried the slogan, "Probably the Best Beer in the World." We got a kick out of that so I saved the coaster. Then we went to Old Jaffa and the port there and checked out several historical sites and local galleries. Very pretty place. Doesn't sound like much but that took up most of our day. Since then we have just been chilling back at the house. 

Hope all is well with all of our friends back home, we miss you but we're having a great time. Enjoy the pictures and we can't wait to tell you guys even more about it when we get back. Peace and love.