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Rockin' it Israeli Style

Written on: Sunday July 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: Israel 2008

Hey guys!

Last night was the show in the courtyard and we had an amazing turn out. There were probably about 40 people here and we all enjoyed beer, wine, homemade cookies, and fantastic music til about midnight. The Pit that Became a Tower did a wonderful show and so did the other two performing artists. After the show, Daniel and our new friends Eliana, Michael, and Christen went out to a bar and a hookah restaurant til the wee hours of the morning. I stayed at home and went to bed at 3 am and they still weren't back! They went to the Old City of Jerusalem to watch the sunrise, which I'm sure was a gorgeous view. 

This morning Eliana, Daniel and I went to the Old City again so I could see it. We looked around many of the shops where we purchased some gifts for our friends and family back home. Then I got screwed by a merchant who was a total dick and wouldn't let me get this dress I wanted because I offered him too low of a price. Jerk. Anyways, after the shopping we visited the Western Wall which was truly an incredible experience. The Western Wall is what I had most wanted to see when we came here so I'm very pleased to have seen and touched it. We also saw the Dome of the Rock and several other history artifacts around the city. After lunch we grabbed a taxi back to New Jerusalem, where we are staying, and now we are just lounging around the house til tonight when we are getting sushi with some friends. Everything is going amazingly and we are enjoying this experience so much. Please continue to pray for our safety and that God would bless all the wonderful people who are making this trip so enjoyable. We love you all and enjoy the pictures!